Goshert, Dr. John Charles
Professor - English Literature
LA 121
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John Charles Goshert

Department of English and Literature

Utah Valley University

800 West University Parkway

Orem, UT 84058-5999


email: gosherjo@uvu.edu

phone: 801-863-6288 (office); 801-995-1027 (mobile)






2008-present: Associate Professor of English, Utah Valley University (formerly Utah Valley State College)


2008-2011: Writing Program Administrator, UVU


2005-2008: Writing Program Coordinator, UVU


2001-2008: Assistant Professor of English, UVSC.





2001: Ph.D., English, Purdue University.


Chairs: Arkady Plotnitsky and Richard Dienst

Committee: Aparajita Sagar and James Saunders


1996: MA, English, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA


1994: BA, Sonoma State University; Major: English





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First Year Composition, Writing Program Administration, Contemporary Critical Theory, Feminisms, LGBT/Queer Literature and Theory, Continental Philosophy, Avant-Gardism, Contemporary American Literature, African American and Asian American Literatures, History and Theory of the Novel, Eighteenth-Century European Literature and Intellectual History.