Bi, Qianwen
Assistant Professor - Personal Financial Planning
WB 223
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Dr. Qianwen Bi's CV 2016
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Dr. Qianwen Bi is an assistant professor in the Personal Financial
Planning program at Utah Valley University’s Woodbury School
of Business. She has been teaching financial planning software in
the classroom for over 8 years and has been leading the
Technology Applications curriculum in the Personal Financial
Planning course at Utah Valley University for the past two years.
Having taught the technology course for many years, Qianwen
focuses her research on the impact of financial technology in the
financial planning industry. Her most recent research is on the impact of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology on financial software design. She won the Outstanding Symposium Paper Award at the
Association for Financial Counseling, Planning, and Education’s (AFCPE) annual
conference with the paper title of “Retirement Saving and the Use of Financial Software.”
Her recent article “The Efficacy of Publicly-Available Retirement Planning Tools” has
been downloaded over 2,950 times within five days and made the Social Science
Research Network (SSRN) Weekly Top 5 list. The paper has been cited on the Wall
Street Journal and also mentioned by other finance-related media.
Dr. Bi holds a Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University. She
also holds an M.B.A degree from Rawls College of Business of Texas Tech University
with an emphasize in finance. With her bachelor degree in Management of Information
Systems from Dalian Maritime University, Qianwen found her passion to study the
impact of technology on the financial services industry.
Dr. Bi is called the technology expert in financial planning by her colleagues. She spoke
at the Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference panel discussions on three different
occasions to share her teaching experience and course developing skills of technology
applications classes in the personal financial planning program. Other than that, Qianwen
is actively involved in creating financial literacy education programs with professors in
China. She recently served as an expert in a financial education program for lower-income
college students in China. The project is funded by the Citi Foundation and the report
will be presented at an international conference this summer. Dr. Bi is the coordinator of
Chinese related projects in her program. She is now building a financial literacy summer
camp for students from other countries to participate.
Qianwen has a five-year old daughter Rosie and loves traveling with family to experience
different cultures when time allows. Hobbies include basketball and professional
badminton. A friend and commentator once said, “she looks small but she plays big.”
Other than that, Rachel loves singing, dancing, and cooking Chinese food for family and