Peterson, Cody
Academic Advisor I - College of Science
Last Updated: 4/5/19 -

Cody advises for the following majors:

Chemistry, B.S.

Physics, B.S.

Physical Science, A.S.

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Cody Peterson is an Academic Advisor in the College of Science at Utah Valley University. He started advising in 2017. Cody advises all Chemistry and Physics students at UVU. His love of science helps connect him with his students, and he enjoys assisting UVU students in achieving their educational goals.

Cody earned a B.S. degree in Biology with a Chemistry minor. In his free time Cody enjoys spending time with his young family, playing basketball, and being outdoors. Cody also has a passion for science. He is an avid amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. He uses the latest astronomy technology for imaging the planets and deep-sky objects, such as nebulae and galaxies. Cody enjoys having such a scientifically difficult hobby and is always striving to improve his techniques. Cody is also enthusiastic about conducting outreach in astronomy and chemistry.

As an Adjunct Instructor, Cody strives to impact his students by teaching in an engaged environment that promotes hands-on learning, expression of ideas, and student collaboration. Cody aims to teach his students how the material taught applies to the real-world and how it can be implemented in their everyday lives. In lab courses, Cody shows how errors and mistakes in procedure are excellent learning opportunities and helps develop critical analytical skills that his students can use in their future endeavors.

Cody teaches/has taught the following courses:

BIOL 1010 - General Biology

CHEM 1015 - Introduction to Chemistry Lab

CHEM 1115 - Elementary Chemistry Lab

CHEM 1225 - Principles of Chemistry II Lab