Peterson, Cody
Academic Advisor I - College of Science
Last Updated: 12/14/18 -

Academic Advisor

I advise for the following majors:

Chemistry, B.S.

Physics, B.S.

Physical Science, A.S.

I enjoy meeting with students and helping them learn what they must do to earn a degree and meet their personal goals. My philosophy is to take a direct approach and help students become independent so they can make their own decisions regarding their education. This allows students to do what is best for them, and in doing so allows me to take on a supporting role in their education.

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Adjunct Instructor

Courses Taught

BIOL 1010 - General Biology

CHEM 1015 - Introduction to Chemistry Lab

CHEM 1115 - Elementary Chemistry Lab

CHEM 1225 - Principles of Chemistry II Lab