Giguere, Lisa
Academic Advisor II - School of Business
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Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

Lisa S. Giguere |


  • Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration, Sam Houston State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Brigham Young University


  • Academic Advisor II - Utah Valley University (UVU), Woodbury School of Business
  • Adjunt Professor, Written Business Communication - UVU, Woodbury School of Business
  • Adjunt Professor, Career and Major Exploration - UVU, Student Leadership and Success Studies
  • Assistant Registrar - Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
  • Graduation Advisor - UVU
  • Degree Progress Analyst - University of Southern California
  • Credentials Evaluator Senior - Arizona State University


  • Playing guitar, singing, and good music
  • Hiking, camping, and anything outdoors
  • Reading, learning, and cooking
  • Traveling and having new experiences