Castle, Kevin
Visiting Professor
Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

Dr. Castle has dedicated his career to advancing the field of global sourcing, procurement, international management, and social impact through business. As an academic and professional, his goal is to assist fellow academicians in engaging students with experiential learning that develops capabilities valued by business professionals.

Dr. Castle orients towards research topics that are of interest to supply chain professionals, and solutions and methodologies that can be applied in real practice as well as contribute to the greater body of knowledge for optimal impact. Dr. Castle currently teaches supply chain, lean, quality, strategic and project management to graduate and undergraduates at the UVU Woodbury School of Business. He is the faculty adviser for the UVU Enactus team, who perform student-led social impact projects around the world.

He sits on the board of several social ventures and has assisted several student startups that develop student entrepreneurs while investing in our community with social activities that benefit more than the bottom line.

Dr. Castle has been recognized as a professional leader in the field of global sourcing and has helped both Fortune 500 companies and startups in commercialization strategy, business development, supply chain & procurement, outsourcing, logistics, and lean-six sigma projects in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. As the CPO for Varian Inc., Kevin was responsible for establishing the vision, strategy and transformation of Varian’s value chains in Shanghai, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the US. Previous to Varian, Kevin was the Global Strategic Sourcing Manager at Intel Corporation based in Taipei. Kevin has directly lived and worked in over 20 countries. He spent 20 years in Asia and is fluent in Korean and Mandarin Chinese. He is a PhD in International Business and has an MBA and MIM from Thunderbird.