Hall, Sarah McKenzie
Assistant Professor - Public and Community Health
HP 101h
Hall, Sarah CV
Last Updated: 12/26/18 -

Educational Background:

  • B.A. English, African Studies Minor - Brigham Young University
  • Master of Public Administration, Nonprofit Management Emphasis - Brigham Young University
  • Ph.D. Global Health - Arizona State University

Professional Experience:

  • Executive Director - Empower Playgrounds, Inc., Ghana
  • Community Outreach Director - Utah County Crisis Line, United Way
  • Volunteer Coordinator - A Child's Hope Foundation, Mexico
  • Country Director - HELP International, Tanzania
  • Consultant - Inside Out Learning - Kenya
  • Consultant - Human Development Foundation - Thailand


NUTR 1020 (Foundations of Human Nutrition)

HLTH 1100 (Personal Health and Wellness)

HLTH 2400 (Concepts of Stress Management)

HLTH 3000 (Death and Dying)

HLTH 3230 (Professional Development)

HLTH 3260 (Theory-Based Approaches to Modifying Health Behavior)

HLTH 350G (International Health)

HLTH 3600 (Social Promotion)

HLTH 4300 (Community Health Ethics)

HLTH 440G (Health and Diversity)

HLTH 489R (Research)



Health Communication and Marketing

  • Fear Appeal Theory
  • Social Marketing
  • Vaccines
  • Prescription Drug Abuse

Vulnerable Populations

  • Albinism in Tanzania
  • Tsunami Preparedness in Indonesia
  • Malaria in Children Under Five in Ghana and Tanzania
  • Influenza in Children Under Five in the United States
  • Women and Body Image (cross-cultural perceptions)

Research Methods

  • Quantitative (survey-based)
  • Visual Ethnography (documentary work)