Chakravarty, Debjani
Assistant Professor, Sociology/Program Coordinator, Gender Studies.
CB 207H
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PhD: Gender Studies, Arizona State University, 2013.

Dissertation Title:

"Going Transnational": Politics of Transnational Feminist Exchange and Discourse in/between India and the United States.

M. Phil: Sociology (emphasis on Political Sociology/Sociology of Gender), University of Pune, 2006.

Dissertation Title:

Uniform Civil Code: Dilemma of a Derivative Democracy.

MA: Sociology, University of Pune, 2001.


Teaching/Research Statement:

I am an assistant professor of Sociology, and coordinator of the Gender Studies program at UVU

I identify as an interdisciplinary sociologist. My post graduate training is in Sociology, Mass Communication, and Gender Studies. My teaching and research interests encompass issues of gender and citizenship ; transnational feminisms and women’s movements in South Asia; feminist epistemology including philosophy of science, and the issue of gender in STEM fields; gender and globalization, and visual and narrative cultures including cybercultures. Critical, postcolonial, feminist standpoint and queer theories inform my academic work, and I believe in the value of both qualitative and quantitative research.I have published on research methodology, transnational research ethics, and pedagogy. My current research focuses on experiences at the intersection of religiosity and sexuality. I am also working on a project that tries to shed light on the knotty issue of teaching anything pertaining to globalization and the "other."

Before  coming to UVU, I taught at Arizona State University, University of Utah, and Grand Valley State University. I Design my courses- spanning topics such as research methods and theory, gender roles, sexuality, new racisms, new media, international literature, and community activism - to elicit critical and creative responses from my students. If you are in my class, you are expected to actively contribute to the learning and discussion and have your say! 
In my free time, I enjoy hiking, traveling (visiting museums/collecting rocks wherever I go !); creating and appreciating art; creative writing; and lifelong learning (Geology? Biology? World/Local History? Yes please!)...which involves a copious amount of reading...everything! Talking to strangers can sometimes be illuminating as well! This helped me a great deal when I was a journalist and a social worker a long time back. I strongly believe what Maya Angelou stated so simply and powerfully:  “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better."

Select Academic Publications


  • Book Chapter titled  "Teaching, Techniques and Technologies of Feminist Methodology: Online and On the Ground" by Debjani Chakravarty, Judith A. Cook, Mary Margaret Fonow, in Handbook of Feminist Research. Ed. Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber, Sage Publications, 2012.
  • Article titled "Abstracting Academic Feminist Aspirations: What Do PhD Dissertation Abstracts (1995-2010) Say about an Emergent Interdisciplinary Field?" by Debjani Chakravarty and Elena Frank, in Feminist Formations, Volume 25.3, Winter 2013
  • Article titled "On Being and Providing 'Data': Politics of Transnational Feminist Collaboration and Academic Division of Labor," by Debjani Chakravarty, in Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, Volume 36.3, winter 2015.
  • Article titled "Strata and Strategies of Teaching about the Global Other Using Critical Feminist Pedagogical Praxis" in Teaching and Learning Inquiry (Forthcoming in 2019).

Book Reviews and Review Essays:

  • Shira Tarrant’s "Men and Feminism,” by Debjani Chakravarty, in Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, special issue on Men and Masculinities. Volume 42, June 2013.
  • Ann Hibner Koblitz’s “Sex and Herbs and Birth Control,” by Debjani Chakravarty, in Sexuality and Culture, Volume 18.4, winter 2014.
  • Basuli Deb’s “Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Terror in Literature and Culture,” by Debjani Chakravarty, in Feminist Theory, 18(1), 2017.
  • Peter van der Veer's "The Value of Comparison," by Debjani Chakravarty, in International Sociology Reviews, Vol 33. 2,  2018.
  • Mangone et al's (Ed.) "Gender and Sexuality in the Migration Trajectories." by Debjani Chakravarty, in Columbia University Teachers College Record (January 2019).

Editing and Other Writing Projects:

  • Co-editing "Unsexing Gender, Engendering Activism, Readings in Gender Studies," 2nd Edition. Kendall Hunt Publishing, January 2015.
  • Textbook chapters on "Feminist Standpoint Theory," "Intersectionality," "Transnational Feminisms," and "Uniform Civil Code," in "Sociology of Gender" published by University Grants Commission, New Delhi, 2016.

 Recent Conference Presentations:

  • "Du Bois and Other Pedagogical Strategies to Teach about Race." In American Sociological Association's Annual Conference, Philadelphia, August 2018.

  • "Dialectics of Pornography and Democracy: Theoretical and Pedagogical Explorations." In National Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Baltimore: November 2017.


  • “Don’t All Lives Matter?” Generating Critical Conversations in Conservative Classrooms.” In National Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Montreal: November 2016.


  • “53 Million Lives at Stake: The International Labour Organization, Gender, and Precarious Work.” In National Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Milwaukee: November 2015.


  • He is Made from Your Meat and Bone: Precarious Motherhood and Ambivalent Abjection in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Fiction." In National Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Milwaukee: November 2015.


  • “Observing and Theorizing the Internet as Trans-Space: Are Cyberfeminisms passé?” in National Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico: November 2014.


  • “The Nation within the Transnational: The Messiness of Religious/Cultural Pride, Academic Censorship, and Gendered Nationalism in India,” in National Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico: November 2014.


  • “Multiple Worldviews and the World Wide Web: Can Online Environments Aid Transformative Pedagogy?” in Poster Session at the 6th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg: February 2014.


  • “‘I Never Ask for It!’ Street Harassment as a Transnational Feminist Issue” in 34th Annual National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Cincinnati: November 2013


  • “Teaching gender and globalization, women and/of the worlds: Lessons in De-centering” in 33rd Annual National Women’s Studies Association’s Conference, Oakland: November 2012.


  • “Indian Feminism, Feminisms in India and the Internet: New Media as New Agency?” in National Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Atlanta: November 2011.


  • “Interrogating the Transnationalization of Contemporary Feminism(s): Embracement of “Indigenous”—Transcendence of “National?” ”- In National Women’s Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Denver: November 2010.


  • “But We are Feminists Too!”—Lessons from Two Instances of Fundamentalist Cooptation of Feminist Positions in India” in Beyond Citizenship: Feminism and the Transformations of Belonging- conference at Birkbeck Institute for Social Research, University of London. London: June 2010.


  • “India's Uniform Civil Code: Intersectionality, Identity Politics and Feminist Intervention” in Intersectionality: Challenging Theory, Reframing Politics, Transforming Movements: the Fourth Annual Critical Race Studies Symposium at UCLA Law School. Los Angeles: March, 2010