Smith, Gregory
Professional in Residence - Management
WB 147c
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Gregory began his career as a management consultant working with middle market and large organizations around the world.  He worked on projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America in areas of strategic market and financial planning, multinational distribution and project management, as well as business and management development.  He holds a Master’s Degree in International Business (MIBS) from the University of South Carolina.

In addition to serving as Managing Partner of GDI Consulting Group, with offices in London, Johannesburg, Sydney and Denver, Gregory has also been responsible for business development and key account management in the Intermountain region.

As an educator, he has taught in undergraduate and graduate business programs since 2012 in the areas of marketing and management including: consultancy skills, services marketing, strategy, marketing, organizational behavior, human resources and entrepreneurship.  In his spare time, he lectures as a Professional in Residence at the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University.

He has served in various volunteer positions around the world including: an elected Member of the School Board of Governors, board member, coach and treasurer of local sports clubs, and a mentor for under-privileged individuals and families.