Munz, Stevie Michelle
Assistant Professor - Communications-Public Speaking
CB 502Q
Last Updated: 1/13/19 -

Dr. Stevie Munz is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication at Utah Valley University. Her research program focuses on exploring the cultural experiences of identity, power, politics, and gender. In particular, she is concerned with how human beings understand and communicate these relational, political, and social experiences. She pursues her scholarly interests along two different, but related, lines of research that examine identity in the contexts of classrooms and small town communities. To accomplish her research endeavors, she draws on intercultural, interpersonal, and instructional communication literature as well as, utilizes narrative, ethnographic, and oral history interviewing practices.  

Her current projects include essays examining LGBTQ+ student activist identity narratives in the classroom, farm women's labor on family farms, and she’s beginning to think about gender and industrialization on family farms.

Undergraduate Level Courses Taught: 

  • COMM 1020: Public Speaking (face-to-face; online; large lecture)
  • COMM 2110: Interpersonal Communication (online)
  • COMM 207G: Introduction to Gender and Communication
  • COMM 3020: Communication Research Methods
  • COMM 319G: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 350R: Special Topics in Communication: Ethnography and Storytelling
    • COMM 317G Ethnographic Methods for Communication Research
  • COMM 350R: Special Topics in Performance Theory
  • COMM 401G: Communication Education
  • COMM 4930: Communication Capstone (face-to-face; online)
  • COMM 4120: Advanced Group—A Dark Side and Narrative Approach
  • COMM 290C: Independent Study (Readings in Critical Culture Studies & Training and Development)
  • COMM 479RC: Independent Study (Readings in Ethnography & Narrative Studies)