Platt, Emily
Academic Advisor II - Mathematics
LA 109h
Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

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Advising Philosophy Statement

        One of my favorite inspirational quotes is, “Success: Knowing you are on the right path and not alone on your journey”. Students are on an educational journey which can be challenging and hard to navigate, but very rewarding once they have reached the end. My responsibility as an academic advisor is to support students throughout their journey, guide them along the right path, and help them persevere to the end.

        I strive to create an environment where students feel comfortable and relaxed to discuss their goals and needs. Each student is unique and has many challenges. As an advisor I focus on the individual and create a personal relationship with each student. As we work together, we can find the best path for the student to pursue to reach their goals and aspirations.

        As students navigate their journey, they need the knowledge to guide them along their path in the most effective and beneficial way. My job is to provide the student with correct information regarding university and departmental policies, as well as provide the student with university resources to help them along their way. By providing direction and guidance, the student will have the tools needed for success.

         All journeys have challenges, and some pathways take longer to complete than originally planned. There may be unforeseen obstacles that one must overcome to successfully complete the journey. As an academic advisor I can help students identify their individual needs and help them navigate around those obstacles. There is a metaphor about a student walking along a path. The student walking down the street does not see a pothole directly in their path, and they fall into the hole. After they get out of the hole and continue, they fall into another pothole, and another. After falling into multiple potholes along their way, the student becomes enlightened and realizes that they can pursue their course following another path. As an academic advisor, it is my job to help students identify the potholes early on during their educational journey and help them to either avoid the potholes or find another path. Every student can find success, but it may require some course changes and a lot of perseverance to reach the end.

        As an academic advisor, I am an invaluable resource for students. My office is a place where students can discuss their challenges, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, and receive the encouragement to take charge of their education and career goals. My most rewarding and exciting advising experiences come after working with a student and watching them succeed after overcoming multiple obstacles to earn their degree.