Lantz, Clayton
Assistant Professor - Animation/Gaming
CS 710G
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More than seven years of professional animation and game development experience. Three years of university-level instructional experience within animation and game development, including teaching and course development. Known for technical prowess in 3D production, including character technical direction and pipeline development.


Core Competencies
Adept knowledge of numerous creative software packages and tools used in production.
Strong technical abilities in 3D character modeling and technical direction.
Experienced in programming foundations used in game development and animation production.
Skilled in working with creative and technical individuals of all disciplines.
Proficient in troubleshooting, problem-solving, and improving methods and pipelines.
Experienced in working with individuals and teams, both domestic and foreign.


Professional Experience
Positions Held
Assistant Professor of Animation and Game Development, 2016 - Present
Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah
Responsible for developing curriculum and pipeline for Animation and Game Development, including 3D Modeling, Surfacing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Game Development, Scripting, Tool Development, and Production Processes.

Character Technical Director, 2013 - 2016
DreamWorks Animation
Part of a team responsible for developing and maintaining the initial production pipeline used in all in-house animation productions and with global outsource clients. Managed teams of artists from around the globe, including India, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore. Instructed teams on technical requirements, updated techniques, and pipeline requirements. Ensured the technical and artistic integrity of in-house and outsourced assets used in multiple consecutive productions.

Character Technical Director, 2010 - 2013
Nickelodeon Animation Studios
Responsible for character setup and rigging of 3D production assets. Worked closely with supervisors and other departments to ensure assets met technical and artistic requirements of animation. Managed a team of in-house artists and worked closely with outsourced studios to produce assets and maintain production schedules.

Adjunct Professor, 2009
Utah Valley University
Prepared and delivered instruction for courses in the Digital Media program. Courses taught included 3D Modeling and Animation Essentials, Game Design I, and Principles of Digital Design.

Game Developer, 2009 - 2010
Artisan Dream
Developed and released iOS title. Developed all concept, programming, and asset rigging. Worked with a small team to create and implement art and audio. Assisted in delivery and advertising efforts.

Game Developer, 2009 - Present
Manage and develop mobile video games in a small independent company. Responsible for Implementing the entire production pipeline, including concept, pipeline, 2D and 3D asset creation, scripting, audio, and delivery.


Professional Education and Honors
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, 2017-2018
Master of Fine Arts in Media Design
Valedictorian and Advanced Achievement Award

Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah, 2006-2009
Bachelor of Science in Digital Media
Cum Laude


Course Curriculum Development
Utah Valley University

Introduction to 3D Modeling and Surfacing
Address the fundamentals of 3D animation, including modeling, UV unwrapping, surfacing, rigging, and animation. Demonstrate how each process is used in animation development. Develop a working understanding of animation and gaming pipelines through individual and group projects.

Scripting for Animation and Games I
Instruct the basics of the Unity game engine and C# scripting language. Present the fundamental theories and practices of programming for effective and efficient coding. Integrate 3D assets into the game engine and gain an understanding of engine functionality and asset preparation. Develop an understanding of the game development process by creating working prototypes of games.

3D Modeling and Animation Essentials
Similar to the introductory 3D class, this course aims to develop a foundational knowledge of 3D practices. However, it correlates more directly with accompanying animation courses focused on movement and acting. Principles of animation are refined through repeated 3D animation exercises. Consequently, students develop a deeper understanding of the importance of standards and pipeline.

Rigging and Animation Essentials
Introduce the basic tools and functionality of animation rigs. Focus on rigging essentials such as organization, orientation, articulation, and automation. Continue a further study of animation using character rigs developed in the course. Learn to troubleshoot and refine rigs based on feedback and experience.

Advanced Rigging and Character Effects
Introduce intermediate and advanced rigging techniques focused on mesh deformation and advanced operators. Enhance work through extended tools and introduce node-based rigging and connections. As with previous courses, animation continues to be an important point of study to refine skills and solve rigging issues.

Scripting for Animation and Games III
This course builds upon the programming principles established in the previous scripting courses. However, this course of study focuses on animation pipeline rather than gaming. Students learn two additional languages utilized in the creation of tools and processes, enabling more accuracy and efficiency in the development process. After an additional study is made of pipeline methods, students develop further tools to increase overall productions.

Animation and Game Project I (Team teach)
This course presents an in-depth study of the pre-production pipeline. Students research, plan, and begin development on a project targeting a non-entertainment field, such as accident reconstruction or product design. Each project requires students to understand the processes, cycles, and procedures of 3D production. This course prepares students to begin production work in the subsequent course.

Animation and Game Project II (Team teach)
Students take pre-production assets from the previous course and engage in the full production process. Projects are researched, prototyped, tested, refined, and delivered. Professional feedback is provided from industry professionals and potential clients to ensure production goals are satisfied. Upon finishing this course, students will have a clear idea of the demands and processes of a typical 3D production, both in animation and game development.

Utah Valley University, Courses Teaching, 2016 - Present
DGM 1600 Scripting for Animation and Games I
DGM 1660 Introduction to 3D Modeling and Surfacing
DGM 2210 3D Modeling and Animation Essentials
DGM 2211 Rigging and Animation Essentials
DGM 3650 Animation and Game Project I
DGM 3660 Advanced Rigging and Character Effects
DGM 3670 Scripting for Animation and Games III
DGM 3680 Animation and Game Project II


Scholarly and Creative Work:
Game Developers Conference 2018, San Francisco, California
Attendee and Faculty Chaperone of UVU Students

Digital Media Festival 2017-2018, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah
Presenter and Attendee

SIGGRAPH 2017, Los Angeles, California
Representative of UVU

Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017, Salt Lake City, Utah
Presenter and Attendee

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah
Representative of UVU

Conferences upcoming in 2019
Game Developers Conference, Attendee and Faculty Chaperone, San Francisco, California
Empowering Your Tomorrow, Presenter and UVU Representative, Orem, Utah
Digital Media Festival, Presenter and UVU Representative, Orem, Utah
SIGGRAPH, Representative of UVU, Los Angeles, California
Salt Lake Gaming Con, Representative of UVU, Salt Lake City, Utah

Scholarly and Creative Works
Paper, Ethics in Media Design
Fall 2017

Paper, Creative Inspiration
Spring 2018

Paper, New Media Design
Summer 2018

Designer, Artist — Turtle Power
Branding/Logo/Style Guide/Motion Graphic/Animation - 2018

Designer, Writer, Artist — American Forests
Testimonial Advertisements - 2018

Designer, Artist — Reykjavik City
Branding/Logo/Style Guide - 2017
Designer, Artist — Romeo and Juliet
Stage Production Advertisement - 2017

Panelist and UVU Representative at Salt Lake Gaming Con, July 2017

Presenter at Alta View Elementary College Night, Sandy, Utah, March 2017

Presenter of a two-day animation workshop at Granite Park Junior High, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 2017

Presenter and special guest at “Dinner with 12 Strangers”, sponsored by the UVU Student Alumni Association, October 2016

Represented UVU at Dreamworks Animation, Glendale, California, discussing university outreach and program integration, 2017-2018

Member of the Engineering and Technology IT committee representing the department of Digital Media, 2017-Present

Presenter at the Concurrent Enrollment Conference held at UVU, February 2017

Member of the Digital Media Septemberfest Committee, 2018-Present

Member of the Digital Media Internship Committee, 2017-Present

Presented with professional artist Sergio Lorenzo at the Digital Media Showcase held at UVU, April 2018

Ongoing presenter at the statewide Digital Media Arts Festival held annually at UVU, 2017-2018

Arranged for industry speakers and workshops for the Digital Media Department
Sergio Lorenzo, Lead Modeler, DreamWorks Animation, Glendale, CA, 2018
Glenn Harmon, Story Artist, DreamWorks Animation, Glendale, CA, 2017
Mark Walton, Stoy Artist, Disney Animation, Burbank, CA, 2016

Presenter at Scenic View Academy, a school for young adults with autism and learning disabilities, Provo, Utah, May 2018


Professional Affiliations
The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839
The International Animated Film Society (ASIFA-Hollywood)