Knadler, Charles
Lecturer - Computer Science
CS 520Q
801 863-6392
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  1. Charles E. Knadler, Jr.


  1. D.Sc., Computer Science, The George Washington University, 1989


  1. Academic Experience
    1. Utah Valley University, lecturer, 2014-  
    2. Utah Valley University, adjunct, 2012-2014. 
    3. The George Washington University, Associate Professorial Lecturer, 1982-1998. 
    4. The Johns Hopkins University, Lecturer, 1991-1997. 


  1. Non-academic experience
    1. AOL, Director responsible for technology and planning in the Member Services Division – primary responsibilities were developing the strategy for future call center tools, procuring or acting as project manager for internal development of tools, deploying the tools to the call centers.— Major accomplishments developed the support strategies for technical support and customer care systems, acted as the project manager for these two major development activities and subsequent deployment of the systems. Major accomplishment created and staffed the quality assurance department that developed and implemented the procedures and technology required to support the company’s growth from 1.5 million members to 35 million members. 1994-2001. 
    2. Senior Manager in IBM’s Federal Systems Division leading the test and integration of a large, complex command and control software system developed for a multi-billion dollar Defense Department classified project.  Prior to this assignment, he was the Development Manager of the IBM department, which developed approximately 60,000 lines of highly mathematical control software for the project. 1969-1994.


  1. Certifications or professional registrations


  1. Current membership in professional organizations
    1. Member, IEEE, IEEE-CS


  1. Honors and awards
    1. Life Member, IEEE


  1. Service activities
    1. Program Chair and coeditor of the proceedings for the 1993 International Conference on Simulation in Engineering Education, January 17-20, 1993. San Diego, CA
    2. General Chair for the 1994 International Conference on Simulation in Engineering Education, January 24-27, 1994. Tempe, AZ
    3. Manager in the World Wide Support Division, LDS Church’s Church and Family History Department.  Developed the organization’s project plan for transitioning from professional product support to a primarily volunteer agent support system.  Evaluated the help desk component (search success) for three candidate customer relationship management system (CRM) vendors and was lead author of an interdepartmental source-selection recommendation. Trained the remaining professional staff in use of the search engine and worked with support-agent team supervisors to accelerate and enhance agent acceptance of the new CRM system. 2003. 


  1. Significant publications
    1. Knudsen, William C., Jones, Douglas E., Peterson, Bryan G., and Knadler Jr., Charles E. “Measurement of solar wind electron density and temperature in the shocked region of Venus and the density and temperature of photoelectrons within the ionosphere of Venus.” J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics, 121, doi:10.1002/2016JA022526
    2. Knadler, Charles E. "An Agent-Based Model of the Spread of Devil Facial Tumor Disease in an Isolated Population of Tasmanian Devils." International Journal of Agent Technologies and Systems (IJATS) 4.4 (2012): 1-16.
    3. Knadler Jr, Charles E., and Georgia Sinimbu. "Natural reforestation of abandoned eucalypt plantations in the Brasilia National Forest." Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference. Winter Simulation Conference, 2011
    4. Charles Knadler. “Simulating a Predator/Prey Relationship.” Proceedings of the 2008 International Simulation Multiconference.  The Society for Modeling and Simulation International, Edinburgh, Scotland.  June 16-19, 2008.  Edinburgh, Scotland.
    5. Charles Knadler, "Simulation and Software Engineering," 1994 International Conference on Simulation in Engineering Education, January 24-26, 1994, Tempe, AZ
    6. Charles Knadler, "Some Anomalies in Simulating and Modelling Central Server Subsystems," 1993 Summer Computer Simulation Conference, July 19-21, 1993, Boston, MA
    7. Charles Knadler, "The Use of Simulation in Teaching the Theory and Practice of Microprogramming," 1993 International Conference on Simulation in Engineering Education, January 17-20, 1993, San Diego, CA
    8. Charles Knadler and Ralph May, "Using Simulation to Evaluate Analytic Models of Memory Queueing," 1992 Winter Simulation Conference, December 12-16, 1992, Arlington, VA
    9. Charles Knadler, "Using Simulation to Improve an Analytical Computer System Performance Course," 1992 International Conference on Simulation in Engineering Education (part of the 1992 SCS Western Multiconference on Computer Simulation), January 20-22, 1992
    10. Charles Knadler, "Robustness of Separable Queueing Network Models," 1991 Winter Simulation Conference, December 8-11, 1991, Phoenix,Arizona
    11. C. E. Knadler, "A Method for Determining the Parameters of Ordinary  Differential Equations," NOLTR 68-192, U.S. Naval Ordnance Laboratory


  1. Briefly list the most recent professional development activities
    1. Mathematics/Mathematical Biology graduate study, University of Utah 2008-2010