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Loretta King has been with UVU for a long time – first as a volunteer in the then Theatre program beginning in 1990 – and officially as a paid employee in 2003.  She had a brief stint in the School of the Arts Dean’s office, but returned to her beloved Theatre Department.  Loretta enjoys the crazy people and challenges the Theatre Department has to offer.   Loretta has spent most of her life as a bookkeeper, but enjoyed a short diversion doing web development for Utah County where she designed and developed the County's site, the inner workings of which are still being used.  Her vocational/avocational interests include arts administration,  about which she taught at UVU, authoring an eBook and online text for the students. She has recently renewed a previous interest in Montessori education and hopes to parlay that into something useful (aka. , “profitable.”).  Loretta is married to Randall King, former UVU theatre head for eight years, and has four beautiful daughters.  Loretta and Randall are the proud grandparents of four cuter-than-yours grandchildren and two departed “angels.”