Griffin, Brigham Kimball
Professional in Residence - Services Marketing
Last Updated: 1/18/19 -


University of Utah, MBA Marketing 2005

Experience focused on brand management, market analysis, international marketing and business strategy. 

Brigham Young University, BA Marketing Communications 2001



Professional in Residence - UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY


Lead Instructor - Services Marketing - MKTG 3630
Lead Instructor - International Marketing - MKTG 335G

Other Teaching Specialties:
MKTG 6600 (MBA Marketing Strategy)
MKTG 3600 Principles of Marketing - Online, Hybrid and Face-to-Face sections

UVUAMA Student Marketing Club Advisor


Marketing Director, Direct Communications                                  


Managed all aspects of marketing and sales for independent telecommunications holding company operating broadband companies in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Missouri.
Responsibilities include product & brand management, social media management, strategic planning, advertising, retention, market research and analysis, corporate communications, and public relations.
Marketing strategy featured in the September 2009 issue of Rural Telecom, the official industry publication, in an article titled “Emergency: How One Telco Turned The Tide With Young Customers.”

I still currently consult as a professional Marketing Mananger for Direct Communications' Utah division in Eagle Mountain Utah, which provides fiber optic broadband to 7500 customers in Eagle Mountain. 


Adjunct Professor of Marketing  - Idaho State University - College of Business


Earned consistently excellent student reviews teaching Marketing 2225: Basic Marketing Management.


 Wolters Kluwer Medical Research                 

Prepared and coded content for publishing for world's largest library of online medical texts--our team was responsible for over 2000 online medical research journals and textbooks.

Small Business Owner

Snake River Records LLC - Music composition, recording and production company for film industry.  For an example, of my work, click here. 

Oliphant Homes LLC- Utah real estate investment company


2010 NTCA (National Telecommunications Cooperative Association) Conference - St Louis, MO Presented on our industry-leading successful landline growth strategy.

2010, 2011, 2014 URTA (Utah Rural Telephone Association) Conference - St George, UT        
Presented on our emergency phone product, social media strategy, fiber deployment strategy.



  1. Marketing offers one of the best ROIs on your college tuition dollars.
  2. Customers have taken control of the marketplace, and only marketers understand customers.
  3. Marketers and blondes simply have more fun.
  4. Marketing is about people
    1. You get to connect with loads of people
    2. You get to study people
    3. You talk to real people
  5. Marketing creates something tangible
  6. It’s the most creative business discipline
  7. You are the key to growing your business
  8. It’s a very versatile and mobile skillset
    1. Same marketing principles apply to every business and industry
    2. Same marketing principles apply all over the world
    3. Enjoy great variety of tasks and projects in your job.
  9. You get to be part of an executive team without the stress of worrying about cash flow and operations.
  10. It’s the most dynamic and evolving side of business:
    1. With digital marketing resources, you can accomplish in one day yourself what took a month and a team of marketers to do 10 years ago.
    2. Social media has completely changed our world and transformed the way businesses and consumers are engaging. You will be right in the thick of it. 
    3. You have more creative avenues on hand than ever before.
    4. Mobile marketing, virtual worlds, online advertising, SEO, blogs, email marketing, viral marketing, affiliate marketing– it’s an ever-changing and exciting world for marketers.