Abdoulaye, Dr Talatou
Ombuds, Coordinator Conflict Resolution
Rm 212B SL Building
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-Ph.D. in Education, Culture and Society with a Golden Key Distinction in the Department of Education, Culture & Society at the University of Utah, Summer 2017. Dissertation title: Colonial Legacies and Preservice Teacher Subjectivities in Mali: A Critical Examination of two teacher training programs.

-Graduate Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Department of Communications, University of Utah, May 2015.

-May 2007, Masters of Education in Bilingual and Multicultural Education with

Gamma Beta Phi distinction at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

-November 1992, Bachelor Degree in English Language Teaching at Ecole Normale Superieure de Bamako, Mali


-Proposal in progress written in September 2016 “project for post conflict mediation and public outreach programs for peace building and reinforcement in central and northern Mali”, In progress with successful contacts.

-Jones Scholar/University of Utah from Fall 2010 to Spring 2012

-University of Utah Teaching and Research Assistant from 2007 to Spring 2010.

-Fulbright Scholar from August 2005 to May 2007: Grant sponsored by the US State Department to study at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.

-Summer 2003, Grant from International Telecommunications Union (United Nations’ Organization), SWISSCOM,

Malian Departments of Education and Communication to attend a workshop in Porrentruy, Switzerland: This workshop was organized to devise the best strategies to introduce internet use in Malian high schools in order to improve teaching quality and content.


-Ombuds and Coordinator of Conflict Resolution at Utah Valley University (UVU) from August 2017 to Present.

-Utah State Court Roster Mediator: In this position, for the last 5 years, I have successfully conducted Mediations within communities in Utah and in West Africa in the areas of small claims, housing, neighborhood disputes and labor mediations/negotiations.

-Teacher with Granite School District, Salt Lake City, UT from January 2008 to August 2017.

-United States Federal Court Expert and Interpreter, Southern Judicial District of New York, on an important international Court Case from May 2011 to November 2012.

-Instructor of ECS 4150 (Intro to Multicultural Education), ECS, University of Utah, Summer 2010.

-Teaching and Research Assistant for the ECS 4150 (Intro to Multicultural Education) in the ECS Department (COE) at the University of Utah from August 07 to Spring 10.

-Full time teacher of English as a Second/Foreign Language in the public high school of Timbuktu, Mali from october1994 to June 2005.

-Part time teacher of Social Studies, Civic Education and Professional Ethics at Institut de

Formation Hegire (teacher training school) of Timbuktu from October 2002 to June 2005

-Part time worker with the local Department of Culture and Tourism of Timbuktu, Mali from October 1994 to June 2005: My main duties in that position were guiding hundreds of tourists to historical places and showing them the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu.

-Part time translator and interpreter (English-French, French-English) with USC-Canada Mali office in Bamako, Mali from January 1993 to September 1994. I left this job to go and teach English full time in Timbuktu High.


Languages:                      Speaking                      Reading                         Writing                                        

Sonrhai (mother tongue)   Excellent                      Excellent                      Excellent

Bambara                            Excellent                      Good                            Good

French                               Excellent                       Excellent                       Excellent

English                              Excellent                        Excellent                       Excellent

Russian                              Fair                                Good                             Good

Arabic                                Very basic                     Very basic                     Very basic