Lamarche, Pierre
Professor - Philosophy & Humanities
LA 121
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For Fall 14, office hours MW 12-1pm, and by appointment.


B.A. (1989) Philosophy/Physics, The University of Toronto.
M.A. (1992) & Ph.D. (1999) Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin.

Selected Publications:

Reading Negri, ed. with David Sherman and Max Rosekrantz, (Open Court Press: Chicago, 2011).

"Selling a Revolution: Negri, Bataille, and the Arcana of Production," in Reading Negri.

 "Of a Non Saying that Says Nothing:  Levinas and Pyrrhonism," in Levinas and the Ancients; Silvia Benso and Brian Schroeder eds., (Indiana University Press: Bloomington, 2008).

 "A Rather Deliberate Misunderstanding:  On Nietzsche's Resentment of Pyrrho," in Selected Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy Supplemental 2008 issue of Philosophy Today.

 "The Use Value of G.A.M.V. Bataille," in Reading Bataille Now; Shannon Winnubst ed., (Indiana University Press:  Bloomington, 2007).

 "Tradition, Crisis, and The Work of Art in Heidegger and Benjamin," in Selected Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy vol. 27, Supplemental 2002 issue of Philosophy Today.

"The Place of Boredom: Blanchot Not Reading Proust," in Extreme Beauty: Aesthetics, Politics and Death; James E. Swearingen and Joanna Cutting-Gray eds., (Continuum: London and New York, October 2002).

Professional Organizations:

The American Philosophical Association
The Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
The International Association for Philosophy and Literature
The Radical Philosophy Association


Research Interests

I work primarily in 20th Century Continental Philosophy, in particular Existential Phenomenology, Critical Theory, and Post-structuralism and Post-Marxism. I also work in Marxism, Aesthetics, Scepticism, Philosophy of Literature, and Hellenistic Philosophy.

Currently completing FINAL FINAL FINAL revisions, I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE, for Ontology of Boredom, for the SUNY Press (no, freals, almost done -- August '14!!!!) and continuing work on Genealogy of Languor and In Praise of Superficiality.  Recently completed a book chapter on Antonio Negri -- "Antonio Negri -- On the Trail of New Social Subjects" -- for SUNY Press.