Jones, Jessica
Academic Advisor I - Biology
PS 201c
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As an advisor, I strive to empower students to make their own academic plans and schedules, build critical thinking skills, and infuse their college experience with optimism.  Rather than telling a student what classes to take and when, I encourage students to make their own plans and schedules, building the critical thinking skills they will use no matter where life takes them. Planning will make students’ college experience more full by giving students control over their academic journey and future, preparing students for the work field and graduate school.  I, the advisor, am a second pair of eyes, much like an editor is to a manuscript. 

I am also a very positive person. As Jim Henson once said, “I know I drive some people crazy with what seems to be ridiculous optimism, but it has always worked out for me.” I believe that no matter how bad the situation may be, one can always pull through. I hold this to be true with the students. Though a student may have experienced a few rough semesters, they can be successful. It may not be easy, but it’s possible. College is challenging. It’s a shadow of what a career is like. There will be challenging weeks and exhilarating weeks, people you get along with and those you don’t. To be successful in college and the future, students need to be aware that it won’t be easy, but it is doable.