Rogers, Courtney Brooke
Academic Advisor I - College of Science
PS 201b
Courtney Rogers Resume
Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

As an academic advisor my mission is to help students navigate successfully through their academic careers while exploring their educational and career options. My goal is for students to utilize advising sessions as educational experiences where they can connect who they are now with what they are learning and who they want to become. When I advise students I challenge them to reflect on their interests and skills and to think critically about their educational goals in order to formulate a graduation plan. Advising is a cooperative process between the student and advisor. I expect students to be proactive and to take control of their education. The college environment can be overwhelming for many students. Those who excelled at their previous institution, be it high school or another university, can find the transition to a new school complex as they struggle to meet new demands. I aim to meet students where they are developmentally and to help them see the larger picture of how classes and extra curricular activities can complement each other. As an academic advisor I want to help instill a confidence in students that they can not only survive, but thrive in college.