Knee, Jeremy Daniel
Associate General Counsel & University Compliance Officer
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Jeremy came to UVU in November 2017 from the state of Missouri, where he served several years as General Counsel for Missouri's Department of Higher Education (MDHE).

While at MDHE, Jeremy spearheaded a statewide initiative to extend in-state tuition and scholarships to refugees, asylees, and other historically underresourced residents of the state. This effort became law in summer 2017. While advising on a wide swath of higher education-related legal and policy matters at MDHE, Jeremy developed an admiration for the vital social and economic role of public, open-access institutions. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this admiration--and his love for mountains--foreshadowed his westward migration to UVU.

Jeremy grew up in Oregon. Longing for sun exposure, he pursued his B.S. at Palm Beach Atlantic University (FL). Jeremy headed north from there to Boston University and Brown University where he earned a J.D. and A.M., respectively.


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