Killen, Crit
Adjunct Instructor
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Highlights of Qualifications
(801) 801-602-0070                                                                                                                                     Crit Killen IMDB pro                                                                                                                   

* Academy award winning FX team for Beetlejuice
* Studied under Ray Harryhausen, Douglas Trumbull
        Joseph Stefano, Mark Stetson and Frank Capra Jr.,
* 38 years Studio and Theatrical Motion Experience
* 28 years Product Design/Marketing Experience
* Speak Japanese
* Professor in Film and Digital Media at Utah Valley University

Motion Picture Experience:
Visual Effects Production Design, Art Direction, Special Effects, and Miniatures.

Blade Runner                                                      Syd Mead/John Marshall
Star Wars Phantom Menace                               SPFX Studios
Titanic                                                                  Movie Models Inc.
Made Men                                                           HBO Pictures
Meet the Deedles                                                Disney
A Life Less Ordinary                                            Danny Boyle
Cable Guy                                                           Sony Pictures
Batman Returns                                                  Warner
Bugsy                                                                  Tri-Star
Star Trek VI                                                          Paramount
Aliens 3                                                                CBS/FOX
Honey I Blew Up the Baby                                   Disney
Dick Tracy                                                            Touchstone
Total Recall                                                          Stetson Visual
Beetlejuice                                                           Bob Short Productions
Predator                                                               20th Century Fox
The Abyss                                                            MGM/UA
Aliens                                                                   CBS/FOX
Cocoon                                                                 20th Century Fox
Honey I Shrunk the Kids                                       Disney
Nightmare on Elm Street 3                                   New Line Cinema
Jaws IV                                                                 Universal Pictures
Land Before Time                                                 SPFX Studios
Harry and the Hendersons                                   Amblin Entertainment
Monster Squad                                                     Universal Pictures
Weird Science                                                       Craig Reardon
Phantasm II                                                           SPFX Studios
Masters of the Universe                                        Cannon Group
Twilight Zone the Movie                                        Warner Brothers
Earthgirls Are Easy                                                Image Engineering
Desperate Hours                                                    Desperate Hours Production
Poltergeist II                                                           MGM
Dead Heat                                                              Tri-Star
Intent to Kill                                                             P.M. Entertainment
Back to the Future                                                   SPFX Studios
Crash and burn                                                        Paramount
Eyes of the Beholder                                                DNL Entertainment
Young Sherlock Holmes                                          David W. Allen Productions
Toys                                                                         Design Group Inc
Bounty Tracker                                                         Westwind Pictures
Prince of Darkness                                                   Universal Pictures
Ghoulies II                                                                 Empire Pictures
Dark Tower                                                                Spectra Films
Robojox                                                                     Empire Pictures
Deep Space                                                              Transworld
Blue Monkey                                                              Spectra Films
Pumpkinhead                                                             Dino Delaurentis
Croc                                                                            Danny Devito Productions
Critters                                                                        New Line Cinema
Lord’s of the Deep                                                       Concord Prod.
My Mother’s a Werewolf                                              SPFX Studios
A Rage in Harlem                                                        BnC Production
Batteries not Included                                                  David W. Allen Productions
Psycho III                                                                     MCA
Moby Dick                                                                    Showscan
Netherworld                                                                 SPFX Studios
Arachnophobia                                                             Amblin Entertainment
Hit the Dutchman                                                         21st Century
Capitol Punishment                                                      Weapons Systems
Sweet Justice                                                                SPFX Studios
Mad Dog Cole                                                               21st Century
Dead Space                                                                  P.M. Entertainment
From Beyond                                                                 SPFX Studios
Leviathan                                                                       Stan Winston
Alien Nation                                                                   SPFX Studios
Eight Legged Freaks                                                      Warner Brothers

Producer Producer, line producer, associate producer, Distribution
First Love                                                                        Seven Seas Communications
Two for One                                                                     Flora Film Rome
Tender Blue Eyes                                                            Seven Seas Communications
Metamorphosis                                                                Filmarage Rome
The Clone                                                                        SPFX Studios
The Joker                                                                         Lisa Film Munich
Return to Mars                                                                  Sync Films Inc.
Captive Silence                                                                  Mark Wellar
The House on the Hill                                                        Steve Anscom
Deep Star                                                                           Mark Wellar
Samurai Cop                                                                      Rex Films
Dr. Galigari's Insane Asylum                                              Snowflake Prod
Sword Kill                                                                           Film Gate Prod
Watchers ll                                                                         Roger Corman Studios
Oink                                                                                   Imagine Entertainment

Television/Commercials Special effects, production design, makeup, editing, set design
Star Trek: New Generation                                                 Greg Jein
Captain Power: Soldiers of the Future                                Landmark Entertainment
NBC Nightly News                                                               NBC-TV
Nike Shoes                                                                          Stetson Visual Services
Dodge Shadow                                                                    Stetson Visual Services                                      Duracell Batteries                                                                Meinenger Design
Mattel Toys                                                                           David Allen Films
McDonald Mac Tonight                                                         Neil Productions
Hud Homes                                                                           Backyard Films
Discover Card                                                                       DJPD & Assoc.
Monsters T.V. Show Episode #1,2,3                                     SPFX Studio

Industrials/Video Cinematography, editing, lighting, directing
Lecture Tour                                                                          Ray Harryhausen
Kaeru Mae                                                                             P.B.O. of Japan
American Junkie                                                                    Kaylyn Reed Productions
U.T.A. Bus Service                                                                 Backyard Films
Mini Snack                                                                             Blue Moon EFX
Tone Loc                                                                                SPFX Studios
Jermaine Jackson                                                                  SPFX Studios
Michael Jackson Captain EO!                                                SPFX Studios/Disney
Monsters Love to Dance                                                        Cinetar Productions

Animation/Documentary Directing, Editing, Writing, Story Smith
The land Before Time                                                              Universal Pictures
Dinosaur                                                                                   Disney Studios
Toy Story                                                                                  Disney Studios
Monsters Inc.                                                                            Disney Studios
Cars                                                                                          Disney/Pixar Studios
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs                                               20th Century Fox
Madagascar                                                                              DreamWorks
Niagara Falls Legacy                                                                Canadian Travel Bureau
California Shoreline Plants                                                        Scripts Institute
Quake City - Whittier Earthquake                                              L.A. Historical Society
Fire in Yellowstone                                                                     Arrow Public Station
Devil's Tower on Indian Land                                                     Arizona State University
Ghost Towns of Southern Utah                                                  Time Magazine
Homeless by Choice                                                                  San Diego State University

Screenplay – Script Consultant/Ghost writing
Munchies                                                                                   Roger Corman
Watchers                                                                                   Roger Corman
Bloodfist                                                                                    Roger Corman
Tell Sid Don't Buy the Sun                                                         London Celluloid
In the Mouth of the Wolf                                                            Naples Historical
Atop The Sea of Azof                                                                Paris National T.V.
Locked in Stone                                                                        Castle Production
Sable Captain                                                                           Equiano Foundation
Mirage                                                                                       Golden Oaks Productions
Zombie Attack                                                                           Piagio LLC
Rage                                                                                         Zubrucker’s
Momento                                                                                   New Market Capitol Group
Xmen                                                                                        Twentieth Century Fox
The Patriot                                                                                Columbia Pictures
Erin Brockovich                                                                         Steven Soderbergh
The Beach                                                                                 Figment Films
Matrix Reloaded                                                                         Warner Bros.
The Italian Job                                                                           Oakhurst Productions
Batman Begins                                                                           Warner Bros.
War of the Worlds                                                                       Dreamworks SKG
Cinderella Man                                                                           Imagine Entertainment
Forgetting Sarah Marshall                                                          Apatow Productions
The Wrestler                                                                               Protozoa Pictures
The Hangover                                                                             Green Hat Films
Star Trek                                                                                     Spyglass Entertainment
The Hurt Locker                                                                          Voltage Pictures
He’s Just Not That Into You                                                         New Line Cinema
The Lovely Bones                                                                        Dreamworks SKG
Hereafter                                                                                      Warner Bros.
Easy A                                                                                          Zanne Devine Screen Gems
This is 40                                                                                      Apatow Productions
Red Dawn                                                                                    United artists
Star Trek Into The Darkness                                                        Bad Robot
Rush                                                                                            Cross Creek Pictures
Oblivion                                                                                        Universal Pictures
Fury                                                                                             Columbia Pictures
The Falcon and the Snowman                                                     Script Services LLC
Def-Con 4                                                                                     Script Services LLC
Ladyhawke                                                                                   Script Services LLC
The Goonies                                                                                 Script Services LLC
Enemy Mine                                                                                  Script Services LLC
Black Moon Rising                                                                        Script Services LLC
Quicksilver                                                                                    Script Services LLC
Sweet Liberty                                                                                Script Services LLC
Big Trouble in Little China                                                             Script Services LLC
Night of the Creeps                                                                       Script Services LLC
The Name of the Rose                                                                  Script Services LLC
Summer Heat                                                                                Script Services LLC
Zombie High                                                                                  Script Services LLC
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3                                                        Script Services LLC
Evil Dead II                                                                                    Script Services LLC
River's Edge                                                                                  Script Services LLC
Used People                                                                                  Script Services LLC
Empire of the Sun                                                                          Script Services LLC
Predator                                                                                         Script Services LLC
The Hanoi Hilton                                                                            Script Services LLC
Judgment in Berlin                                                                         Script Services LLC
The Serpent and the Rainbow                                                       Script Services LLC
The Unbearable Lightness of Being                                              Script Services LLC
Above the Law                                                                               Script Services LLC
Lady in White                                                                                 Script Services LLC
Phantasm II                                                                                    Script Services LLC
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4                                                         Script Services LLC
Bat*21                                                                                             Script Services LLC
Everybody's All American                                                               Script Services LLC
The Girl in a Swing                                                                         Script Services LLC
Kinjite                                                                                              Script Services LLC
Road House                                                                                    Script Services LLC
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier                                                        Script Services LLC
Casualties of War                                                                            Script Services LLC
Heart of Dixie                                                                                   Script Services LLC
The Big Picture                                                                                Script Services LLC
The Sheltering Sky                                                                          Script Services LLC
Baby Boom                                                                                       Script Services LLC
Tremors                                                                                            Script Services LLC
Torrents of Spring                                                                             Script Services LLC
Joe Versus the Volcano                                                                    Script Services LLC
Lord of the Flies                                                                                Script Services LLC
Opportunity Knocks                                                                          Script Services LLC
Wild Orchid                                                                                       Script Services LLC
Bird on a Wire                                                                                   Script Services LLC
Arachnophobia                                                                                 Script Services LLC
Young Guns II                                                                                   Script Services LLC
Desperate Hours                                                                               Script Services LLC
Graveyard Shift                                                                                 Script Services LLC
The Rookie                                                                                        Script Services LLC
Awakenings                                                                                        Script Services LLC
Straight Outta Brooklyn                                                                      Script Services LLC
Once Around                                                                                      Script Services LLC
Not Without My Daughter                                                                   Script Services LLC
Sleeping with the Enemy                                                                    Script Services LLC
True Colors                                                                                         Script Services LLC
Drop Dead Fred                                                                                  Script Services LLC
Hangin' with the Homeboys                                                                Script Services LLC
No Way Out                                                                                        Script Services LLC
Another You                                                                                        Script Services LLC
Poison                                                                                                Script Services LLC
City of Hope                                                                                       Script Services LLC
Grand Canyon                                                                                    Script Services LLC
No Place to Hide                                                                                Script Services LLC
Final Analysis                                                                                     Script Services LLC
My Cousin Vinny                                                                                 Script Services LLC
Delicatessen                                                                                       Script Services LLC
The Player                                                                                          Script Services LLC
White Sands                                                                                       Script Services LLC
Unforgiven                                                                                          Script Services LLC
Bad Lieutenant                                                                                   Script Services LLC
Cliffhanger                                                                                          Script Services LLC
Scent of a Woman                                                                              Script Services LLC
The Firm                                                                                             Script Services LLC
Lorenzo's Oil                                                                                      Script Services LLC
So I Married an Axe Murderer                                                            Script Services LLC
Groundhog Day                                                                                  Script Services LLC
Boxing Helena                                                                                    Script Services LLC
Carlito's Way                                                                                      Script Services LLC
Tombstone                                                                                         Script Services LLC
A Troll in Central Park                                                                        Script Services LLC
8 Seconds                                                                                          Script Services LLC
Wyatt Earp                                                                                         Script Services LLC
Barcelona                                                                                          Script Services LLC
Killing Zoe                                                                                         Script Services LLC
The Quick and the Dead                                                                   Script Services LLC
Swimming with Sharks                                                                      Script Services LLC
French Kiss                                                                                        Script Services LLC
Primal Fear                                                                                         Script Services LLC
Liar Liar                                                                                              Script Services LLC
The Fifth Element                                                                               Script Services LLC
Wild Things                                                                                        Script Services LLC
The Matrix                                                                                          Script Services LLC
The Whole Nine Yards                                                                       Script Services LLC
Memento                                                                                            Script Services LLC
The Animal                                                                                         Script Services LLC
Undercover Brother                                                                            Script Services LLC
Tears of the Sun                                                                                 Script Services LLC
Chasing Papi                                                                                      Script Services LLC
Buffalo Soldiers                                                                                  Script Services LLC
Open Range                                                                                       Script Services LLC
Mystic River                                                                                        Script Services LLC
The Butterfly Effect                                                                             Script Services LLC
The Notebook                                                                                     Script Services LLC
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants                                                      Script Services LLC
Bring It On: All or Nothing                                                                  Script Services LLC
310 to Yuma                                                                                       Script Services LLC
28 Weeks Later                                                                                  Script Services LLC
Fool's Gold                                                                                         Script Services LLC
The Lovely Bones                                                                              Script Services LLC
The Book of Eli                                                                                  Script Services LLC
True Grit                                                                                            Script Services LLC
Bad Teacher                                                                                     Script Services LLC
Moonrise Kingdom                                                                           Script Services LLC
Trouble with the Curve                                                                     Script Services LLC
Side Effects                                                                                      Script Services LLC
42                                                                                                     Script Services LLC
The Way Way Back                                                                          Script Services LLC
Intersteller                                                                                        Script Services LLC
Gone Girl                                                                                         Script Services LLC
Divergent                                                                                         Script Services LLC
Birdman                                                                                           Script Services LLC
Straight Outta Compton                                                                   Script Services LLC
Trainwreck                                                                                       Script Services LLC
Manchester By the Sea                                                                   Script Services LLC
Arrival                                                                                              Script Services LLC
Hacksaw Ridge                                                                                Script Services LLC
Sully                                                                                                 Script Services LLC
Get Out                                                                                            Script Services LLC

Additional Background
Production and New Project Acquisitions Manager at Visual Acuity Film Services- supplying Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, Imagine Entertainment, Newline Cinema, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Entertainment, and Tristar Pictures.

Marketing and Production Manager at Produx International -- Serviced accounts for promotional ads and product placement and distribution for the musical groups NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilara, and corporations Mattel Toys.

Film and Entertainment Seminars - Perform the national seminar “DNA of ScreenWriting “ explaining the process and inner workings of Hollywood story and movie making process. Emphasis is on how a movie is actually created explaining techniques for story, screenwriting, studio acceptance, the studio system, getting your project made and production.

Corporate Events
Creative Director – MeetingWorx Inc.
Clients Included: Caesars Palace, Lockheed, Excalibur, Hercules Aerospace, Luxor, Morton Thiokol,
Palace Station, Enaxis Design, Circus Circus, Department of Parks and Recreation, Treasure Island, U.S. Army,Global Gumball, Hud Housing, i2 Technologies, Dodge, Premier Productions, Ventech, Boss Film,  Woodbury Corp., Meinenger Design, Siemans, Greg Jein Studios, MTV, Disney, Living Scriptures, Everett James, Landmark Entertainment, Cricket Communications, Global Gumball, Microsoft, Kensington Medical Services, Supralife, Home Front Health Care, Iomega, Tandy Corp.,

Product Development
Edo, Family Fun Center, Sun Microsystems, Aspect Development, Solid Space Technologies, Oakley Sunglasses, Wizard Toys, Mattel Toys, Fun Dimensions,  McDonalds Corporation, Rock House Inc.,  Duracell, Franklin Covey,  Marriott hotel,

Faculty Instructor:
UVU – Currently professor teaching classes on Screen writing and Film Production
USC - Film Analysis, Film Criticism, Screenwriting, Creative Story Development 1982-1984
UCLA – Screenwriting, Film Production, Film Design, Special Effects, Art Direction, Set Design 1985-1988
BYU – Industrial, Product and Film Design (1990)
Chapman University – Screenwriting (1985)
Whittier High School - Stage makeup, Set building (1983)
References and Portfolio available on request