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                          Dr. Scott C. Lewis

Utah Valley University


(801) 863-6271





Ph D, Montana State University, 2000.

Major: Mathematics

Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Statistics

Dissertation Title: Conjugacy and Entropy of Piecewise Mobius Contact Deformations


MS, Brigham Young University, 1993.

Major: Mathematics

Dissertation Title: B-Rings


BS, Brigham Young University, 1991.

Major: mathematics


Professional Memberships


Mathematical Association of America.


Development Activities Attended


Conference Attendance, "UCTM Conferemce," UCTM. (2009 - Present).


Conference Attendance, "Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference," AMA. (2008 - Present).


Conference Attendance, "UAMTE Conference," UAMTE. (2008 - Present).


Workshop, "Precalculus," Wiley Publishing Company. (2007 - Present).


Conference Attendance, "MAA Joint Sectional Meeting," Mathematical Assocition of America. (2006 - Present).


Conference Attendance, "MAA Sectional Meeting," Mathematical Association of America. (2005 - Present).


Seminar, "Distinguished Lecture Series," Univetrsity of Utah. (2004 - Present).


Seminar, "Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar," University of Utah. (2004 - Present).


Conference Attendance, "Annual Spring Conference," AMATYC. (2001 - Present).




Teaching Experience


Utah Valley University

MATH 1050, College Algebra QL, 2 courses.

MATH 1100, Intro to Calculus QL, 1 course.

MATH 121, Calculus I QL, 2 courses.

MATH 1210, Calculus I QL, 3 courses.

MATH 3210, Complex Variables, 1 course.

MATH 4610, Intro Numerical Analysis I, 1 course.

MATH 4620, Intro Numerical Analysis II, 2 courses.


Non-Credit Instruction


Review Course, UVU, 10 participants. (2008).


Seminar, UVU Math Dept., 1 participant. (January 2007 - May 2007).




Presentations Given


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter & Author), National Security Agency Conference, "Random Products and Coding," NSA, Baltimore, MD.


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter Only), UVU Math Colloquium, "Richardson's Extrapolation," Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah. (March 2010).


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter Only), UVU Math Colloquium, "Sarkovski's Theorem," Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah. (2008).


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter & Author), Math Club Meeting, "Loaded Dice," UVU Math Club, Orem, Utah. (February 2007).


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter & Author), Math Week, "Fractals," Sage Creek PTA, Springville, Utah. (February 2007).


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter Only), UVU Math Colloqium, "Don't Look a Grift Horse in the Mouth," Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah. (January 2007).


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter & Author), MAA Joint Sectional, "Mrediant Rules," Mathematical Association of America, Grand junction, Colorado. (2006).


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter Only), UVU Math Colloquium, "Chaos," Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah. (2006).


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter & Author), LSSU Professional Development Seminar, "Professional Development," Lake Superior State university, Sault St. Marie, Michigan. (2003).


Lewis, S. C. (Presenter Only), UVU Math Colloqium, "The 3x+1 Problem," Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah. (2001).


Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research




 "Training/Mentoring," Sponsored by NSF, Federal.


Research in Progress


"Constuction of Conjugacies" (Writing Results)
The topological  conjugacies between the tent map and many other unimodal maps is known to exist, but in most cases has never been constructed. In this paper the construction of the conjugacy between the tent map and the Farey map will be found.




Department Service


Committee Chair, Math 1050 Committee. (2009 - 2011).


Committee Member, Math 1050 Committee. (2008 - 2009).


Committee Member, Scheduling Committee. (January 2007 - December 2009).


Committee Chair, Hiring Committee. (December 2007 - March 2008).


Committee Member, Math Task Force Committee. (2005 - 2006).


Faculty Advisor, Putnam Exam Team. (2003).


Committee Member, NSF Grant Proposal Committee. (August 2002 - July 2003).


Instigator and organizer, Math Coloqiua. (December 2000 - May 2002).


Committee Member, Hiring Committee. (October 2001 - April 2002).


Committee Chair, Hiring Committee. (December 2001 - March 2002).


College Service


Committee Member, Faculty Excellence Award Committee. (2004 - 2007).


University Service


Reviewer, Accreditation. (2004 - Present).


Committee Member, Rank and promotion Committee. (August 2008 - June 2011).


University Senate Service, Faculty Senate. (August 2008 - April 2011).


Booth Staff, UV Experience. (2008 - 2009).


Committee Member, Math Awareness Week. (2007 - 2009).


Committee Member, Academic policy Advisory Committee. (August 2000 - May 2002).


Professional Service


Committee Member, State Math Competition, Orem, Utah. (2009 - 2011).


Reviewer, Book, Wiley Publishing, Orem, Utah. (2010).


Committee Member, Math Club, Orem, Utah. (2003 - 2010).


Reviewer, Journal Article, Dr. Jun Ling, Orem, Utah. (2004).


Formal Peer Review, Peer Review, Provo, Utah. (2004).


Reviewer, Book, Brooks Cole Publishing, Orem, Utah. (2002).


Public Service


Competition Judge, Sterling Scholoar, Utah. (February 23, 2000).




For Profit Organization, Glass images, Orem, Utah. (2004).


For Profit Organization, Man Hole Cover Installer, Utah. (May 2002).