Allen, Jordan
Assistant Professor - Communication
CB 502T
Last Updated: 12/7/18 -

Receiving her doctoral degree from the University of Nebraska in 2018, Dr. Allen has pursued and published research in the areas of communication theory, interpersonal communication and family communication with an emphasis on non-normative family relationships.Non-normative family relationships are family relationships that do not conform to traditional nuclear family configurations. Broadly, non-normative family relationships include, but are not limited to, estranged family relationships, twin relationships, gay and lesbian headed family relationships, step-family relationships, etc. Students will have the opportunity to work on existing research projects with faculty members as well as pursue their own research interests.She is trained in quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis and is eager to involve students in the research process. 


Selected Publications:  


Allen, J. (2018). What’s the big “D”? Uses of “discourse” in interpersonal and family communication research. Communication Theory. doi:10.1093/ct/qty012

Allen, J, & Moore, J. (2017). “Just because they are family doesn't mean you should have relationships with them”: Troubling the functional/dysfunctional family binary in estrangement discourse. Western Journal of Communication.

Braithwaite, D.O, Allen, J., & Moore, J. (2017). Methods of qualitative validation: Data conferencing. Invited chapter in Encyclopedia of Qualitative Communication Research Methods.

Suter, E, Koenig-Kellas, J., Webb, S., & Allen, J. (2016). A tale of two momies: (Re)Storying Family of Origin Narratives. Journal of Family Communication, 16, 303-317.

Braithwaite, D.O., Waldron, V., Allen, J., Oliver, B., Begrquist, G., Brockhage, K., Marsh, J., & Swords, N. (2018). Turning points of adult stepchildren in a positive relationship with a stepparent. Journal of Family Communication.