Ciccone, Anthony B
Assistant Professor - Exercise Science/Outdoor Rec
RL 147d
(801) 863-5934
Vitae Ciccone Aug 2018
Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

I am an assistant professor of exercise science with expertise in the area of neuromuscular fatigue and research methods. I completed my doctoral work under Dr. Joseph Weir at the University of Kansas. I completed my master's degree at Cal State Fullerton, where I was the Human Performance Lab Director and studied under Dr. Lee Brown. 

My research interests include high- vs low- contraction intensity fatigue, non-local fatigue, the potential for direct current stimulation to modulate fatigue, and applied sports science/sports analytics. I enjoy writing custom data acquisition and data analysis software and am always looking to lend my expertise to help students pursue their research interests.

Outside of the lab, I have enjoyed nearly every sport, but my current main activities are mountain biking, snowboarding and ice hockey.