Moon, Scott David
Counselor - Career Development Center
LC 410C
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Scott Moon grew up all over the world due to his father being in the Air Force.  He went to three different High Schools…SHAPE American High School in Belgium, Bitburg American High School in Germany and Davis High School in Utah.  While living in Germany, he worked at the golf course which was located at the end of the runway.  He watched F-4s takeoff and land all day and decided that he wanted to be a pilot.

Because Scott went to three different high schools, he thought it only appropriate to go to three different colleges.  He went to Weber State University his freshman year and played JV basketball and competed in the high jump.  He transferred to Utah Valley Community College for his sophomore year and played basketball for the Wolverines during the 1988-89 season.  After earning his Associate Degree in Business Management, he attended Brigham Young University where he continued to play basketball for the Cougars and was the Western Athletic Conference high jump champion clearing a height of 7’ 2 ½”. 

Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance, a Minor in Aerospace Studies and earned his commission through the BYU Air Force ROTC program as a Distinguished Graduate.  He attended the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program at Sheppard AFB, Texas, where he graduated #1 in his pilot training class. 

He has served in numerous assignments including Squadron Commander, Deputy Operations Group Commander, Chief of Safety and Pilot Instructor Training Instructor Pilot.  He is a command pilot with over 3,600 flying hours and 85 combat hours during OPERATION SOUTHERN WATCH while enforcing the No-Fly Zone after Desert Storm. 

Scott has lived in Texas, Florida, Okinawa, Japan, Idaho, South Korea, Italy and Virginia.  He retired after 25 years of flying the F-15C Eagle and the T-38 Talon as an instructor pilot. He has had the opportunity to counsel student pilots and young Airmen about career paths within the Air Force and career options outside the Air Force.