Amy, Markgraf Jacobson
Associate Professor- Modern Dance / Dance Educaton
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University of Utah- MFA

Brigham Young University MA

Utah State University  BS

Secondary Teaching License



Modern Dance Technique

Modern Dance Teaching Methods

Dance Conditioning

Dance Kinesiology

Modern Dance Workshop





Amy Markgraf Jacobson is an Assistant Professor of Modern Dance at Utah Valley University.  Amy began her love for moving and dancing as a child with Brigham Young University’s Young Dancemakers.  That love for creating, exploring, and learning has guided her throughout her life as a teacher, choreographer, artistic director, mover, and human being.  Her choreography has been honored and performed at several (5) American College Dance Festivals Gala Performances,  choreographic showcases as as well as throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Philippians, and Asia.  Her teaching and choreography reaches out to elementary school children, high schools, universities, teachers and adults of all levels.  Amy research focus on training and conditioning the dancer of today, mentoring student choreography, and creating new and innovative new works of her own. Amy has taught dance workshops for the Utah State Office of Education, Utah school districts, and has been a member of the Utah State of Education curriculum Writing Team for Dance. Recent projects include collaborative projects bringing dance to elementary education students through classes and performances throughout Utah and the British Isles as well as creating a Dance Study Abroad Program.  Current, projects include “ Lacuna” and “Sense of Place” with fellow faculty member Angie Bancheo-Kelleher.  Amy is a National Board Member of dance and the Child international. Amy holds a B.S. in Dance Education from Utah State University, a MA from Brigham Young University, and a MFA from the University of Utah.  Amy is currently the Modern Dance  and Dance Education Program Coordinator at UVU and the former Artistic Director of Synergy Dance Company.  Amy teaches modern dance technique, dance kinesiology, modern dance teaching methods, and dance conditioning. Amy’s loves include hers two rambunctious and inquisitive little men, yard work, vacations, reading, her constant attempt to stay in shape, time with her husband, movies, and discovering the little joys in life’s journey.

Professional memberships include National Dance Education Association, International Dance Science and Medicine, and Dance and the Child International.