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Deborah R. Marrott
Department of Basic Composition


Utah Valley University


LA 221K



2008                University of Utah,                  Salt Lake City, UT

  • Ph.D. in the Department of Education, Culture and Society.

§     Emphases in educational linguistic anthropology, critical literacy studies and social justice in education.

§     4.0 GPA

   1991                       Brigham Young University,                  Provo, UT

§     Master’s of Arts in English Literature and Composition.

§     Emphases in rhetoric/composition, modern British Lit and women’s studies.

§     3.98 GPA

1988                    Brigham Young University,                   Provo, UT

§     Bachelor’s of Arts in English.

§     Minor: Humanities

§     3.69 GPA


Teaching Experience

1992--Present                Utah Valley University                    Orem, UT

Professor of English, Department of Basic Composition/ESL

§     Teaches Basic Writing courses, English 0990 and 0890.

§     Teaches ESL writing and grammar courses (as needed).

§     Coordinates curriculum review and revision.

§     Serves as Chair of the department’s Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee.

§     Participate in the creation and revision of curriculum documents and faculty development materials.

§     Participate in collecting and interpreting outcomes assessment data.

§     Participate in campus accreditation and NADE accreditation processes.


1996-2002                     Utah Valley State College                    Orem, UT

Department Chair, Department of Basic Composition/ESL

§     Administered the Basic Composition and the ESL programs.

§     Supervised and evaluated contract and adjunct faculty.

§     Oversaw curriculum revisions and maintenance.

§     Designed new curriculum.

§     Coordinated programs and courses with other departments and offices on campus.

§     Ordered texts.

§     Coordinated faculty assignments.

§     Hired new contract and adjunct faculty.

§     Served on the Academic Forum, the LEC/GA Steering Committee, and the LEC/GA Outcomes Assessment Committee.

§     Served on faculty and staff hiring/screening committees.

§     Supervised support staff member.




1988-1991                     Brigham Young University.                   Provo, UT

Instructor of English

§     Taught freshman and advanced composition classes.

§     Team-taught English literature courses.

§     Led weekly meetings for English 115 instructors.

§     Supervised, observed and evaluated the class room performance of other English 115 teachers.

§     Prepared and provided faculty development workshops.

Teaching Awards





















Scholarly Activities

2007-2008: Faculty Excellence Award Nomination (based on student ratings and colleague nomination)

2006-2007: Faculty Excellence Award Nomination (based on student ratings)

2005-2006: Faculty Excellence Award Nomination (based on student ratings)

2004-2005: Faculty Excellence Award Nomination (based on student ratings)


§      Faculty Excellence Award Nomination (based on student ratings average of 4.84).


§     Faculty Excellence Award Nomination (based on student ratings of 4.82)

§     International Student Council Teaching Recognition Award (awarded to only five faculty members on campus).


§     Teacher of the Year Award Nomination (based on student ratings average of 4.82).


§     Teacher of the Year Award Nomination (based on student ratings average of 4.67).


§     Teacher of the Year Award Nomination (based on student ratings average of 4.84).

§     International Student Council Teaching Recognition Award


§     UVSC Teacher of the Year Award Winner

1993-1994 and 1996-1997

International Student Council Teaching Recognition Awards


§     Teacher of the Year Award Nominations for each of these school years.



·       “(Re)Mixing in a Little Respect: Toward an Ethic of Anti-Oppressive Editing Instruction.” Paper. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Louisville, KY, March 18, 2010.

·       “Counterstorytelling and Reciprocity: The Research Moment as a Moment of Participant Transformation.” Multi-media Presentation. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting.  Philadelphia, PA, December 4, 2009.


Defining Literacy: How Basic Writers Define and Are Defined by Literacy.  Doctoral Dissertation.  University of Utah.  May 2008.


National/International Conference Presentations/Workshops

  • "Defining Literacy: How Basic Writers Define and Are Defined by Literacy," Invited New Scholar Presentation, American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, November 2008.
  • Counterstorytelling, Watson Narrative Conference, Louisville, Ky, October 2006. 

§     “Politics, Prompts, and Pay: Supplementing or Replacing Reading and Editing Tests with a Timed Essay Test for the Purposes of Placing Basic Writers into Two Basic Writing Classes,” National Conference of Teachers of English, San Francisco, CA, November 21, 2003.  Co-presented with Richard Matzen and Forrest Williams.

§     “Student Expectations and Evaluations of TESOL Instructors,” International Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference, Vancouver, BC, March 15, 2000.  Co-presented with Jeri Wyn Gillie and Stacy Waddoups.

§     Academics Systems Presentation.  College Reading and Learning Association Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, (date).  Co-presented with Forrest Williams.

§     “Great Expectations: A Discussions of the Objectives and Pitfalls of Standard Student Evaluation Instruments,” Community College Conference, Ogden, UT, October 1995.  Co-presented with Lori Palmer.

§     “Empowering Students through Power Mapping and Visual Notetaking,” 3-hour workshop, College Reading and Learning Association Conference, San Diego, CA, March 1994.  Co-presented with Grant Richards and Peggy Pasin.


Research Projects

  • 2008-Present: Developing an Ethic of Teaching Grammar in the Basic Writing Classroom. 
  • 2006-2008: Researching the Discourse models of literacy/literacy learning in the writing and conversations about writing of Basic Writers using Critical Discourse Analysis, Critical Feminist Research and Linguistic Anthropology.

§     2003-2006: Conducting Critical Language Analysis of the writing and transcribed conversations about writing of female basic writers who are returning to college after several years.  This study looks at issues of in- and out-of-school student identities, the privileging of certain epistemologies in traditional composition theory and pedagogies, and the possibilities of disrupting these conventions and “expected” identities within the basic writing classroom.

§     1999-2002: Researching reasons why ESL teachers (nationally and in our program) typically receive lower SRI ratings than non-ESL teachers.  This project involved several semesters of collecting data from ESL and non-ESL students through surveys, focus groups, and cross-language translating of student translations of SRI questions.  The research, conducted with Jeri Wyn Gillie and Stacy Waddoups, culminated in a presentation at the international TESOL conference and influenced the revision of the SRI instrument used at UVSC.

§     1998-1999: Evaluating assessment tools used to place students into college composition courses.  This research was conducted for the UVSC English Assessment Committee along with Jo Ellen Coppersmith.

§     1994-1995: Researching the validity and efficacy of student evaluation procedures and instruments.  This research culminated in two presentations with Lori Palmer and in Dr. Palmer’s subsequent article in the UCC publication.


Peer Reviews

  •  Blind peer review (authors/title unknow to reviewers) of an article for the Journal of Linguistics and Identity. September 2008.

§     Writing Talk:  Paragraphs and Short Essays with Readings, 3rd edition, by Anthony C. Winkler and Jo Ray McCuen, Prentice Hall Publishers.  Reviewed September 1999.

§     Blind review (authors/title unknown to reviewers) of Basic Composition/1st year English composition text for Prentice Hall Publishers.  Reviewed June 2003.


Participation in Professional Organizations

Since 1996t: National Council of Teachers of English

Since 1999: International Organization of Teachers of English to Speakers  of Other Languages

American Anthropological Association

Conference of Educational Anthropology

Campus Service Activities


Present: Chair, Department of Basic Composition/ESL

Present: Member, Institutional Strategic Directions Advisory Committee

Fall 2009: Chair, Basic Composition/ESL Department Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee

2008-Present: Member, Institutional Tenure Appeals Board

2004-2009: Member, UVSC Ethics across the Curriculum Committee

2004-2009: Member, University College/Department of Basic Composition/ESL Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee

2003: Member, School of General Academics Tenure Document Design Committee

2002-2004: Chair, UVSC Tenure Board of Review

2001-2002: Member, School of General Academics Faculty Excellence Design Committee

2002-2004: Member, UVSC Faculty Senate

2001-2002: Chair, UVSC Faculty Excellence Document Design Committee

1999-2002: Member, Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee to Review Faculty Roles and Rewards

1998-2002: Chair, UVSC Teacher of the Year/Faculty Excellence Committee

1998-1999: Co-chair (with Jo Ellen Coppersmith), English Assessment Committee

1996-2002: Chair, Department of Basic Composition/ESL

1996-1997: Member, UVSC WID/WAC Committee

1995-1998: Member, UVSC Curriculum Committee

1993-1995: Member, UVSC Faculty Advisory Committee

1993-1994: Member, UVSC/LEC Accreditation Committee