McPherson, Kate
Honors Program Director and Professor of English
LC 204a
(801) 863-8055
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            Ph.D.,Emory University Department of English, 1998

            Certificate, Instituteof Women’s Studies, Emory University,1998                                   

            M.A. in English, with Distinction, Universityof New Mexico, 1992

            B.A. in English, summa cum laude, PhiBeta Kappa, University of New Mexico, 1989

Employment History

           2017-present                Play Seminar Director, Utah Shakespeare Festival

            2012-present               Honors Program Director, Utah Valley University

            2010-Present               Professor of English, Utah Valley University

            2006-2010                   Associate Professor of English, Utah Valley University

            2000-2006                   Assistant Professor of English, Utah Valley State College

            1999-2000                   Marion L. Brittain Fellow, Georgia Institute ofTechnology

            1998-1999                   Visiting Assistant Professor, Agnes Scott College


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Pericles, Textual Annotations and Glosses, The New Oxford Shakespeare, ed. Gary Taylor, Terri Bourus, and John Jowett. Oxford University Press, 2016. p. 2659-2721.

Stages of Engagement: Drama and Religion in Post-Reformation England: Co-edited With James Mardock. Duquesne University Press, 2014. 350 pages.

Shakespeare Embodied: Page, Stage, and Classroom in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries. ed. With Kathryn M. Moncrief and Sarah Enloe.  Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2013. 298 pages.

“A Moralist and a Mother: Maternal Authority in The Countesse of Lincolnes Nurserie.” CLIO: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History, Spring 2012

“‘Shall I teach you to know?’:  Intersections of Pedagogy, Performance and Gender.”  Co-authored with Kathryn Moncrief.  In Performing Pedagogy in Early Modern England: Gender, Instruction and Performance, ed. Kathryn M. Moncrief and Kathryn R. McPherson. Aldershot:: Ashgate, 2011.

Performing Pedagogy in Early Modern England:Gender, Instruction, and Performance, ed. with Kathryn M. Moncrief.  Aldershot, England: Ashgate Press, 2011. 248 pages.

Performing Maternity in Early Modern England,ed. with Kathryn Moncrief.  Aldershot, England: Ashgate Press,2007.  244 pages.

“Dramatizing Deliveranceand Devotion: Churching in Early Modern England” in Performing Maternity in EarlyModern England,(eds. Kathryn Moncrief and Kathryn McPherson.  Aldershot, England: Ashgate Press, 2007),131-142.

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The Countess of Lincolnes Nurserie: A Critical Edition,  Emory Women Writer’s ResourceProject, 1999.

The Reality of Breastfeeding: Reflections by Contemporary Women, ed., with Amy Benson Brown. Westport, CT: Bergin and Garvey, 1998. 233 pages.

Conference Presentations

“ Seeing Ghosts: ‘The sensible and true avouch of mine own eyes’.” Staging Session, with Freddie-Harris-Ramsby.Sixth Blackfriars Conference, October 2011.

“ ‘Let him learn to know’: Women and Catechism in Measure for Measure,” Seminar Contribution for “Drama in/of the Reformation,” Shakespeare Association of America, April 2011

 “Stand Up for Shakespeare,” Workshop Contribution for “Presenting Shakespeare: Making Public Sessions Work, ” Shakespeare Association of America, April 2009.

 “Refiguring Pregnancy in Early Modern England,”Panelist, “The Female Renaissance: Women of Influence in EarlyModern England , Renaissance Society of America, Los Angeles, March 2009. Panel Organizer: Dr.Chris Laoutaris, University College London

“Performing Pedagogy:  Gender and Instruction in Early Modern England," Seminar Designer and Co-Leader, Shakespeare Association of America, March 2008

Home Schooling:  The English Gentlewoman,”seminar co-leader, Attending to Early Modern Women (and Men), November2006

“The Absence of Eve in Elizabeth Herbert’s Catechism,”Panelist, “Producing Girls in Early Modern England,” Renaissance Society of America, San Francisco, March 2006. Panel Organizer:  Dr, Caroline Bicks, Boston College

“ Deliverance and Devotion: Performing Femininity and the Chuching of Women," Panelist and Panel Organizer, Renaissance Society of America, Cambridge, England,April 2005

  “Sisterhood and Motherhood in Early Modern England,”Invited Speaker, Sophie Kerr Lecture Series, Washington College, Maryland,April 2004

 “Performing Maternity in Early Modern England," Seminar Designer and Co-Leader, Shakespeare Association of America, April 2003

Current Research Projects

“ ‘Let him learn to know’: Catechism in Measure for Measure”: explores the practice of catechism as a lens through which to interpret Shakespeare’s late comedy, Measure for Measure, a play deeply concerned with its characters’ verbal performances of virtue.

“Secrets of My Prison House”:  Documenting Prison Shakespeare on Radio and in Film,” solicited article for a forthcoming collection of essays, Documentary Shakespeare, ed. Dr. Jim Casey, High Point University.

“Mary Wroth’s Melancholy: Prefiguring John Milton’s ‘Il Penseroso’ “: investingates the connections between Mary Wroth’s (1587-1651) concepts of melancholy and solitude as expressed in her 1621 sonnets and those expressed by John Milton’s 1645 poem, ‘Il Penseroso.’

Honors and Awards

Presidential Faculty Fellowship, Utah Valley University, 2017-2018

Trustees Award, Utah Valley University, 2012      

Alumni Outstanding Educator Award, College of Humanities & Social Science, UVU, 2011 

Service Learning Fellow, UVU, Fall 2010

Faculty Excellence Award, College of Humanities & Social Science, UVU, 2010     

National Endowment for the Humanities Instititute, “Shakespeare’s Blackfriars,” 2008

UNM Presidential Scholar, University of New Mexico, August 1986-December 1989

Grants Written and Received

            Community of Engaged Learners Grant, Utah Valley University, 2008

            Direct Access to the Muslim World,Fulbright Visiting Scholars Program, 2005

            Programming Grant for “Shaping the American West,” Utah Humanities Council, 2005

            Merit Grant for “Shaping theAmerican West,” UVSC Foundation, 2004

            Instructional Development Grant, UVSC Faculty Development, 2002

            English Speaking Union Grant For British Study, Summer 1995

            Folger Institute Grant, Folger Shakespeare Library, Spring 1995        

Selected Academic Service


London Study Abroad Director, UVU, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004

            American Association of University Women, Utah Valley Branch Vice-President, 2006-2008

           Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs, UVSC, 2004-2006

           Strategic Directions Advisory Committee Member, UVSC, 2004-2006

            Honors Task Force Member, UVSC, 2004-present

            Global Engagement Taskforce Co-Chair, UVSC, 2004-2006

            Conference Chair, Shaping the American West, UVSC, 2003-2005      

            National Conference on Undergraduate Literature Advisor, UVSC, 2003-2011

            Assistant Chair, Department of English/Literature, UVSC, 2001-2003

            Curriculum Chair, Department of English/Literature, UVSC, 2001-2003

Professional References

            Dean David P. Yells., Utah Valley University, (801) 863-7435,

            Professor Robert Cousins, UtahValley University, (801) 863-8571,

            ProfessorKathryn M. Moncrief, Washington College, (4100 778-7879;

            Professor Caroline Bicks, Boston College,(617) 552-1959,