Moss, Grant
Associate Professor
CB 402V
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My research focuses on Renaissance literature and art history, and deals with the intersection of text and image during the early modern period. My current research focuses on the ways in which representations of Queen Elizabeth I serve to construct English ideas of female authority. In particular, I analyze the relationship between the representations of the queen by artists, writers and politicians and those representations over which Elizabeth herself exercised some degree of control and agency: her verse and her speeches as well as her progresses and other public displays. My interests also include twentieth- and twenty-first-century popular interpretations of early modern literature and history as well as in Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, and I recently became the webmaster for the Queen Elizabeth I Society.

My teaching interests tend to reflect my research interests: I frequently teach such courses as Shakespeare, Tudor literature, Stuart literature, and the first semester of the British literature survey. I have also developed and taught courses on tragedy, gender studies, critical theory, revenge drama, Christopher Marlowe, and Elizabeth I.

I currently serve as chair of the department of English and Literature. I served as Associate Writing Program Administrator for the English Department from 2008 - 2012, and was director of the 2011 London Study Abroad Program.