Nibley, Alex
Professional in Residence - Professional in Residence-DGM
CS 526-H

Alex Nibley is a screenwriter and UVU Professional in Residence who has been teaching Digital Storytelling here since 2002. He has developed several classes focused on applying classic storytelling principles to cutting edge technology, with a special emphasis on digital cinema. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from the University of Utah and a Master of Fine Arts from the American Conservatory Theater. He trained with renowned film educator Frank Daniel, and created the UVU Story Editing Lab to train students in practical applications the principles of Daniel Methodology, a highly reputed approach to helping media writers improve the quality of their storytelling. He also serves as Executive Director of the Frank Daniel Center for Media and Storytelling. Alex is the author of several screenplays and publications, including the ebook Good Stories Well Told Volume I: Principles of Film Analysis.