Nuttall, Shalece
Manager - Academic Advising - CHPS
ES 216
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Shalece advises students with the last names of Q-Z who are majoring in Emergency Services, Paramedic, and the Fire Recruit Academy. To schedule an appointment click here


  • M.Ed. Educational Psychology with Instructional Design and Educational Technology emphasis –University of Utah 2012

  • B.S. Paralegal Studies –Utah Valley State College 2005

  • A.S. Paralegal Studies –Utah Valley State College 2004


Utah Valley University 

  • Manager Academic Advising/Student Sucess - College of Health and Public Services- Sept. 2016-Present
  • Academic Advisor - Emergency Services - July 2018-Present
  • Academic Advisor - Criminal Justice - Jan. 2015-June 2018

  • Advisement Trainer - Advisor Training and Development–Oct. 2012-Jan 2015

  • Adjunct Faculty Member - Digital Media, Marketing–Aug.2008-Fall 2012, Jan 2015-Present

  • Academic Advisor - Woodbury School of Business–July 2007-Sept. 2012

  • Administrative Assistant - Woodbury School of Business–July 2005-July 2007

  • Office Assistant - Legal Studies–Aug. 2003-July 2005

Advising Philosophy 

Marc Anthony once said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”  I find this to be an accurate statement in my role as an academic advisor at Utah Valley University.  I love meeting with students, getting to know what their education and career goals are, what brought them to UVU, and why they chose their particular degree path.  It is my responsibility to know these things about students, so that I can tailor my advising to them in a way that will enhance their learning experience.

I have the opportunity to work with many students, both traditional and non-traditional, those wanting to complete a one-year certification and those who dream of going on to graduate school.  Each and every student I meet with is a unique individual with their own dreams for the future.  As their advisor I am able to help them make the connection from their education to career goals.

My role as an academic advisor is to help students navigate the university setting to obtain their degree goals, and transition into their chosen career field.  To do this, I use many different advising and student learning theories and approaches with each individual student.  Just as no two individuals are the same, no two advising sessions are the same.  Each student that I work with matters. I take it upon myself to make sure that they know they are not just a number, that there is someone who truly cares for them, their education, and wants to see them succeed.  I want what is best for my students, even if it means that they change to a different major or even attend a different university to make their dreams a reality.  My goal for each student is that they are able to make the connection from the education that they receive to all the possibilities that await them upon graduation.

I believe that academic advisors who demonstrate curiosity and passion about their subject area and who are passionate about their position as an advisor, will motivate students to learn and grow.  I am passionate about my role as an academic advisor and about students.  I have had many positive experiences with students I have worked with and care deeply for each of them.  I am passionate about their success not only at UVU but in their lives, and I develop a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment whenever I see them succeed. 

Success can be defined many ways; for one student it might be passing that math or chemistry course that they had been struggling with, while another student it is making the Dean’s List because of the great GPA they earned that semester.  Some of my greatest moments depicting success are seeing students on graduation day and I look forward to that day each and every year with excitement for my students!


About Me

Outside of UVU, I love to spend time with my husband and four rambunctious kids.  I enjoy spending time in the outdoors, watching the latest action flick, and relaxing with a good book.  I am a MAJOR University of Utah football fan!  I think dark chocolate and Dirty Diet Dr. Pepper should be part of the major food groups.