Richards, Cynthia V.
Violin Instructor
Cynthia Richards - Vitae
Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

Cynthia Richards brings to UVU a wealth of experience as a performing violinist and studio pedagogue.  She performs as a free-lance professional musician and currently serves as concertmaster of Utah Valley Symphony.  She received a Bachelor of Arts in Violin Performance at Brigham Young University and studied abroad with Franz Samohyl, professor of violin at the Vienna Academy.  She has maintained a successful private studio for over 40 years, having developed and authored her own innovative curriculum, The Complete Musician, for teaching string students based on European conservatory practices.  She is string director and teacher at the Intermuse Academy, a music teacher training certification course taught at Brigham Young University.  Her knowledge encompasses all levels of violin learning and performing. She is also the mother of eight children, all successful musicians, who served as her laboratory subjects in preparing her first book, How to Get Your Child to Practice Without Resorting to Violence, which has received wide popular acceptance.