Malone, Catherine
Associate Professor
(801) 863-6207
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Catherine Lyn Malone, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Utah Valley University

Orem, UT 84058

tel. (801) 863 6207     fax (801) 863 8064      email:


Professional and Educational History

National Science Foundation                       AAAS ST&P Fellow                                       09/16–current

Utah Valley University                                  Associate Professor                                       08/03–current

National Museum of Natural History            Research Associate                                       11/17–11/20

Purdue University                                         Post Doctoral Research                                 01/01–04/03

Texas A&M University                                  Genetics                                                         PhD 2000

University of California, Santa Cruz             Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior                      BA 1994

Santa Monica College                                  General Education                                         AA 1992


Courses Taught

Principles of Evolution (Capstone, Writing Intensive)                        Herpetology (with Lab)

Conservation Biology (Service Learning, Writing Intensive)              Senior Seminar

Introduction to Biology (nonmajors, Honors)                                     Desert Natural History (CRFS)

Costa Rica Study Abroad                                                                  Ecology and Evolution of Microbiomes


Research Interests Research in my lab is focused on questions of systematics, phylogeography, and population genetics of endangered and threatened species. The results of these studies are used in conservation management decisions. The majority of my projects center the subfamily Iguaninae, while there also have been (or are) studies on endangered Utah plant endemics, Utah milksnakes, and roadkill. Undergraduates in my lab can receive training in all stages of the research process – outlining research goals, writing grant proposals, budgeting, molecular laboratory techniques, record keeping, peer collaboration, data collection and analysis, presentation of results, and scientific writing.


Publications  (^ former or current undergraduate at Utah Valley University)

Kapetanakos Y, Malone CL, Johnson J, Katzner T. In Prep. Conservation genetics of White Backed Vultures. Cons Gen    

^Packer M, Breinholt JW, Murphy R, Malone CL In Prep. The Ghost of Seaway Past: Phylogeographic history of the desert iguana Dipsosaurus.

De jesus Villanueva C, Falcón W, Pappa R, Malone CL In prep Genetic diversity, distribution, and source populations of invasive green iguanas.

Malone CL, Reynoso VH, Buckley L (2017) Never Judge and Iguana by Its Spines: Systematics of the Yucatan spiny tailed iguana, Ctenosaura defensor. Mol Phyl Evol 115: 27–29

Welch M, Colosimo G, Pasachnik S, Malone CL, ^Hilton J, et al. (2017) Population genetics of the Turks and Caicos iguana, Cyclura carinata. Conservation Genetics. doi:10.1007/s10592-016-0922-6

Buckley LJ, de Queiroz K, Grant TD, Hollingsworth BD, Iverson JB, Pasachnik SA, Stephen CL (2016) A Checklist of the iguanas of the world (Iguanidae: Iguaninae) Herpet Conserv Biol 11(Monograph 6): 4-46

Vandergast AG, Inman RD, Barr KR, Nussear K, Esque T, Hathaway ST, Wood DA, ^Breinholt JW, Stephen CL, Gottscho AD, Marks SB, Jennings WB, and Fisher RN. (2013) Evolutionary hotspots in the Mojave Desert. Diversity 5: 293-319

Stephen CL, Reynoso V, ^Collett, W, ^Breinholt, JW, Hasbun CR. (2012) Geographical structure and cryptic lineages within common green iguanas, Iguana iguana. J. of Biogeo doi:10.1111/j.1365-2699.2012.02780.x

Stephen CL, Fitzgerald L, Ruyle L, Pasachnik S, Mosig P, Reuter A. (2011) Status and Exploitation of Central American Iguanas. Report. Department of Interior, United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Stephen CL (2011) Evolution and Biogeography. In: CYCLURA: Natural History, Husbandry, and Conservation of West Indian Rock Iguanas. (Alberts & Lemm, eds.) University of California Press.

^Breinholt JW, Van Buren R, Kopp O, Stephen CL. (2009) Conservation genetics of an endangered Utah endemic, Astragalus ampullarioides.(Fabaceae) American Journal of Botany. 93:661-667

^Bryan JB, Gerber G, Welch M, Stephen CL. (2007) Re-evaluating the Taxonomic Status of the Booby Cay Iguana, Cyclura carinata bartschi. Copeia 3:735–740

Stephen CL, DeVos JC, Jr. Lee TE, Bickham JW, Heffelfinger JR, Rhodes OE, Jr. (2005) Population genetic analysis of Sonoran pronghorn (Antilocapra americana sonoriensis). Journal of Mammalogy. 86:782-792

Barnes D, Stephen CL, Peterson Z, Rushforth S (2005) Biology of Utah Lake. In: Utah Lake Comprehensive Management Plan. (Daniel Horns, Ed.) pp. 68-98

Stephen CL, Whittaker DG. Gillis D, Rhodes OE, Jr. (2005) Genetic consequences of reintroductions: An example from Oregon pronghorn antelope (Antilocapra americana) Journal of Wildlife Management. 69:1463-1474

Malone CL, Knapp C, Taylor JF, Davis SK. (2003). Conservation genetics of the Bahaman iguana, Cyclura cychlura. Conservation Genetics. 4: 1-15

Knapp C , Malone CL. (2003) Patterns Of Reproductive and Genetic Variability in a Translocated Cyclura Iguana Population. Herpetologica 59: 195-202

Malone CL, Davis SK. (2003). Genetic Contributions to the Conservation of Caribbean Iguanas. In: Iguanas, Biology and Conservation. (Allison Alberts and Emilia Martens, Eds.) pp. 45-57 University of California Press.

Malone CL, Powell R (2002) Comments on a Phylogeny of Iguanid Lizards. Iguana Times. 9:9-11.

Malone CL, Wheeler TC, Davis SK, Taylor JF (2000). Biogeography and Systematics of the Caribbean rock iguana (Cyclura): implications for conservation and insights into the biogeographic history of the West Indies. Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 17: 269-279


Research Grants

International Iguana Foundation                                    2017                                       8,625

Crowd Funded Campaign,                   2017                                       4,115

UVU SSH Scholarly Activities                                        2004–15                             $85,000

UVU GEL grants                                                            2012–13                                 6,000

Department of Interior CAFTA-DR program                   2009                                     88,000

BLM Conservation Genetics                                           2006                                     27,000

UVSC Foundation                                                           2003                                       2000

International Iguana Foundation                                     2002                                       1500


Recent Workshop Participation & In-Service

2007, 2009, 2013, 2014 IUCN ISG Species Recovery Workshops

            (Ctenosaura bakeri Iguana delicatissima Cyclura collei, Galapagos Iguanas)

2012 UVU Co-Chair Faculty Learning Circle: research at UVU

2011 UVU Writing Across Curriculum committee

2009 IUCN Red Listing workshop

2006 UVU Service Learning Workshop – panel discussion leader

2005 UVU Service Learning Fellowship

2005 Phylogenetic Analysis Workshop for UVU Biology Faculty - instructor


Professional Societies

IUCN-Iguana Specialist Group

      (Steering Committee Member, Genetics Working Group Chair, Taxonomic Advisory Board Member)

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (Member)

International Society for the Study of Evolution (Member)