Stephenson, Sue
Program Director - Career/Passport/Nat Student Ex
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Director, Projects With Industry
Career Counselor/Manager, Science and Health


Sue Stephenson is a Career Employment Counselor with 13+ years’ experience helping clients connect their strengths, values and passions to career opportunities. She is known for enabling others to recognize and articulate their value in such a way that they impress even themselves. Sue loves helping students link their education to their employment and empowering students through knowledge and applied skills to create the life of their dreams. She has a teaching certificate and has taught in both the high school and university levels teaching College Success, Career & Major Exploration, Career Preparation for Biology/Biotech, and ballroom dance classes. Sue earned a Master’s degree from BYU, and is a professional resume writer and professional interview coach. She also serves as a mentor to students at UVU and to community members, teaching classes and offering career development trainings. Her volunteer service includes co-advisor for UVU’s Golden Key Honor Society, People Helping People, and Career Passport. She currently serves as the PACE committee chair for the Employee Recognition Committee; something that is very important to her is recognizing and valuing people.