Summers, Carla
Supervisor - Costume Shop
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Carla Summers


 Carla Summers has designed and built costumes professionally for 30+ years designing countless television series, movies of the week, feature films and theatrical productions, including numerous shows for Sundance, Tuacahn,  and many other theatre venues.  She has served for 11 years as Costume Shop Supervisor and Design Faculty at Utah Valley University.

BA, mcl, from BYU in Fashion Design and Theatre

Curriculum Vitae

Adjunct Instructor/Shop Supervisor

Utah Valley University

Orem, Utah

2004 to present

Costume Design 1-This course is designed to assist students in understanding and mastering principals of costume design to enhance characterization in theatre and film.  Students become knowledgeable about social history, costume history and research techniques and how to utilize them in successful costume designs.

Costume Design II-This course is designed to assist students in further understanding and mastering advanced skills of costume design to enhance characterization for theatre and film. It supports the technical emphasis for the BA and BS degrees in Theatre Arts.

Costume Construction1-This course is designed to teach students the basics of costume construction.  Students become knowledgeable about sewing and fitting techniques, types of fabrics, use of patterns and backstage dressing skills.

Costume Construction II-This course is designed to assist students to understand advanced techniques in sewing and construction.  Students become knowledgeable in specialty fabrics, pattern drafting and draping, and embellishing techniques.

Period Styles-This course is designed to assist students in understanding fashion and social history in all periods and how to use this knowledge to enhance costume design and characterization in theatre and film.

Theatre Production Projects- A variable credit, repeatable course wherein credit is awarded for individual, supervised projects in theatre production.

Stage Makeup-An introductory course designed to teach students product knowledge and proper techniques of makeup application for character enhancement in all stage sizes as well as film.

Personal Style and Color Analysis-This special course is designed to analyze personal figure and color types and teach how to apply design principles to enhance or characterize the individual. Can be applied to personal use for business benefits, such as interviews or effectiveness or for stage uses in creating specific characterization.

Professional Tailoring-This course teaches professional tailoring methods and patterning techniques to create a high-end, quality tailored suit.