Thackeray, Susan L
Director - Post-Award Compliance
EE 206
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Achievements 2008-13
Last Updated: 3/25/15 -

Director of Career and Technical Education


    Doctorate of Education, Curriculum, Learning, Teaching and Leadership,
    Northeastern University, candidate
    Master of Education, Instructional Technology, USU,  Honors
    Bachelor of Science,  Digital Media, Utah Valley University,  Magna Cum Laude


   Women Tech Award-Educational Excellence, 2012 
   UVU Vice-President of Academic Affairs Award of Excellence,  2011
   Utah Valley Senior Executive Leadership Forum (UVSELF), fellow
   Service Learning Faculty, fellow
   Outstanding Graduate, 2005
   Communicator Award, Outstanding Documentary, 2004


   Institutional Review Board (IRB)
   National Career Pathways Leadership (NCPN-CPL) 

Professional Engagement:

   Keynote: "Let the Journey Begin in STEM Education”
   Expanding Your Horizons STEM Career Conference for Young Women
   Utah Valley Valley University, March 2013 

   Presented:  "Why Young Women Aren’t Enrolling in Higher Education”
   Women and Education Study Results, Utah Women and Education Summit
   Utah Valley University, November 2010 

   Presented:  "Distributed Learning: A New Education Solution"
   for 21st Century Learning
   Utah Coalition for Education, Explore and Create Possibilities--2008 

   Featured:  Women in Business Magazine,“Encouraging Women in Technology” 
   November/December 2008;

Articles and Publications:

  UVU Business Engagement Strategy: Career Pathways  February 2013

  The Value of Higher Education for Women in Utah 
  Research and Policy Brief,   Utah Women and Education Project, January, 2010

  Women and Higher Education in Utah: A Glimpse at the Past and Present
  Research and Policy Brief,   Utah Women and Education Project, May, 2010

   Featured Author, Women in Business Magazine; articles provide strategic outreach
   efforts to educate, encourage and enrich women in the business industries where
   they are typically underrepresented    January 2009-present

Professional Appointments/Committees:

   Advisory Council on Unique Educational Mission (ACUEM), Academic Programs
   Subcommittee 2010-2011
   Utah Valley University Executive Steering Committee for Business Engagement
   Electronic Student Educational Occupational Plan (eSEOP), lead
   Utah Community College Task Force, USHE, invited apprentice 2009-2010
   UVU Business Engagement Strategy--Career Pathways, K-16 Alliance lead,
   Women and Education Project, State Advisory Committee 2009-2011
   Strategic Directions Advisory Committee/University Planning Action Committee,
   member 2009-2011
   Adjunct Faculty, UVU College of Technology and Computing-2007-present
   Department of Workforce Services, appointed council member 2009-2011
   Student Success and Retention Committee, member 2008-present
   Women Technology Council Mentor Collaboration, 2008-present
   Economic Development Corporation of Utah, member 2008-present
   University Transition Task Force, January 2008-July 2008
   Utah Coalition for Education, member 2007-2008
   UVU/Polytechnic of Namibia Project, instructional design development 2007 

Professional Organizations:

   Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)
   Utah Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), President 2012
   National Career Pathway Network (NCPN)
   Women in Tech Council (WTC)
   Women in Technology (WIT)
   American Association of University Women (AAUW)
   Project Management Institute (PMI)
   Golden Key International Honor Society


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