Van Buren, Renee
Professor - Biology
SB 242p
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Ph.D. 1994. Arizona State University, Tempe AZ. Major: Botany.

M.S. 1991. Brigham Young University, Provo, UT Major: Botany.

B.S. 1981. Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. Major: Botany.

Courses That I Teach:

Trees and Shrubs of Utah (BOT 4300); Introduction to Grasses (BOT 4500); Utah Flora (BOT 2100); Field Botany (BOT 2050); Honor’s Biology (BIOL 101H); Ecology (BIOL 3700); Conservation Biology (BIOL 3800); Environmental Biology (BIOL 2500); General Biology (BIOL 1010); Senior Seminar (BIOL 494R).

Advisor: UVU Botany Club. 1995-2015

Research Interests: Native trees and shrubs of Utah; endangered and rare plants of Utah

Recent Publications:

Rominger, K. R., S. E. Meyer, R. Van Buren, and A. Searle.  2017. Factors Affecting Phenological Patterns in the Warm Desert Spring Ephemeral Astragalus holmgreniorum Barneby (Fabaceae). In review Plant Sciences Biology.

Covert, M. C., E. A. Holt, and R. Van Buren. 2015. Vegetation Patterns Associated with

Abiotic Factors and Human Impacts at the Capitol Reef Field Station. Southwestern

Naturalist 60 (2-3):193-206.

Van Buren, R., J. C. Cooper, L. M. Shultz, and K. T. Harper. 2011. Woody Plants of

Utah: A Field Guide with Identification Keys to Native and Naturalized Trees, Shrubs,

Cacti, and Vines. p 513. Utah State University Press, Logan Utah.

Breinholt, J. W., R. Van Buren, O. R. Kopp, and C. L. Stephen. 2009. Population

genetic structure of an endangered Utah endemic Astragalus ampullarioides (Fabaceae)

(Welsh) Welsh. American Journal of Botany 96(3): 1-7.

Harper, K.T. and R. Van Buren. 2004. Dynamics of a Dwarf Bear-Poppy (Arctomecon

humilis) Population over a Sixteen-year Period. Western North American Naturalist

64(4): 482-491.

Recent Student Senior Thesis committees: 

Jennifer Summers 2011-2013. “Vegetation Communities of the Capitol Reef Field

Station”. Committee chair.

Nicholas Alvaredo 2011-2013. “Vegetation Communities of the Capitol Reef Field

Station”. Committee chair.

Dan Cloward 2008. “Reintroduction of Ranunculus aestivalis at the TNC Panguitch

preserve”. Committee chair.