Walters, Isaac
Production and Media Coordinator-Noorda Center
FA 709
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Isaac is the Media and Production Coordinator for the Noorda Theatre Center for Children and Youth as well as the Theatre Department.  He oversees the media infrastructure throughout the Noorda Complex.  He also serves as the production manager for the department, directs plays, and teaches the Intro to Theatre for Theatre Majors class.  He wrote the online version of the Intro to Theatre class as well as the textbook "Theatre in a Teacup" published by Great River Technologies.  He is the coordinator of UVU's annual Rocky Mountain Summer Stock Theatre Auditions that brings together professional summer stock theatres with college theatre talent from throughout the region.  He has an MBA in Arts Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MFA in Theatre Directing from Columbia University of New York where he worked with Anne Bogart, Robert Woodruff, Andrei Serban, and Kristin Linklater.  Before coming to UVU, he was an assistant professor at Indiana University-South Bend where he taught directing, acting, movement, and musical theatre.  He has directed plays with the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival, the Ko Festival in Amhearst Massachusetts, and Cornerstone Theatre in Los Angeles.  He is interested in creating new theatrical forms that ask spiritual questions.  He is the founding artistic director of Mountain Top Theatre Ensemble and is a member of the Network of Ensemble Theatres.