Weigel, Chris
Professor - Philosophy
CB 507k
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 Professor of Philosophy


Chris Weigel has been at UVU since 2002.

Ph.D. in Philosophy from Temple University, 2000
B.A. in Philosophy from Lawrence University, 1993
B.M. in Music Performance from Lawrence University, 1993

PUBLICATIONS (copies available upon request):

"Quotidian Confabulations: An Ethical Quandry Concerning Flashbulb Memories" (2014). Forthcoming in Theoretical and Applied Ethics.

"Experimental Evidence For Free Will Revisionism" (2013). Philosophical Explorations 16(1): 31-43.

"Distance, Anger, Freedom: An Account of the Role of Abstraction in Compatibilist and Incompatibilist Intuitions" (2011). Philosophical Psychology 24(6): 803-823. Download here.

"Experimental Philosophy is Here to Stay" (2009). Analyse & Kritik 39(2): 221-242.

Living Ethics (co-edited with Michael Minch) (2011). Cengage

"The Contingency of the Possible" (2002). Dialogue XLI: 313-328.


"Revisionism's Experimental Evidence," American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, Colloquium Presentation, April 2012

"Further Implications of Variance in Free Will Intuitions," American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, Experimental Philosophy Society Group Meeting, April 2012

"After the Compatibility Question," Intermountain Philosophical Society, November 2011

"After the Compatibility Question," University of Utah Colloquium, October 2011

"Revisionism's Experimental Evidence," Mississippi Philosophical Society, October 2011

“Distance and Freedom,” Midsouth Philosophy Conference, March 2011

“Is Determinism Compatible with Free Will? A New Perspective on an Old Question,” Utah Valley University Conference by the Faculty, January 2011

“Variance at the Core of Free Will Intuitions,” Western Experimental Philosophy Workshop, January 2011

“Far from Certain: Distance Produces Variance,” American Philosophical Association, Experimental Philosophy Session, December 2010

“Is Determinism Compatible with Free Will? A New Perspective on an Old Question,” Intermountain Philosophy Society, November 2010

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 “Experimental Philosophy in Introduction to Philosophy: Opportunities and Challenges” American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, April 2010

 “Time, Anger, Freedom,” Intermountain Philosophy Conference, November 2009


 Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Moral Psychology, Ethics


Free Will, Experimental Philosophy, Moral Psychology