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     Tonya was born in Douglas, Arizona.  After moving to Tempe, Arizona and attending high school at Corona del Sol, she started her first semester of college at Mesa Community College.  She then had the wonderful experience of moving to Oahu, Hawaii, and attending the beautiful BYU-Hawaii campus.  In Fall 1994,  she moved to Provo and started school at Brigham Young University.

     Tonya graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Science from BYU in 1997.  After nine months of working as the Testing Coordinator for BYU Independent Study, she started her Master’s program in Counseling and School Psychology.  

     Tonya graduated with her Masters degree in 2000.   Her first job after graduation was with UVSC’s TRIO Student Support Services.  She is currently a counselor with School, College, and University Partnerships. 

     Tonya has been at UVSC since 2000.