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Curriculum Vitae
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Curriculum Vitae

Forrest G. Williams

Associate Professor

Department of Basic Composition/English as a Second Language (ESL)

University College

Utah Valley University

LA 221g MS 276

800 West University Parkway

Orem, UT  84058

E-mail: forrest.williams@uvu.edu

Office: (801) 863-8494


Doctor of Education, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, August 2006

                Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations

                Major: Educational Leadership

Dissertation Title: The Appointment of Untenured Department Chairs in Two- and Four-Year Colleges in a Western State: Problems and Potentials

Committee: Scott Ellis Ferrin, Ed.D., J.D., (Chair); Clifford T. Mayes, Ph.D.; Steven J. Hite, Ph.D.; E. Vance Randall, Ph.D.; and Julie M. Hite, Ph.D.

My dissertation explores the appointment of untenured faculty as department chairs in two- and four-year colleges in one Western state’s (Utah) system of higher education and presents an explanatory model that provides a framework for understanding characteristics and risk levels for untenured department chairs.  Additional findings present the untenured chairs’ motivation for accepting the position, the benefits and costs that they encountered as a result of that appointment, and how being an untenured chair affected their ability to perform their various roles as department chairs.  [The complete dissertation is available online at http://contentdm.lib.byu.edu/ETD/image/etd1367.pdf]

Master of Education, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, April 1994

Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations

Major: Leadership in Administration

Areas of curricular emphasis: administration, curriculum, teaching and learning, higher education, public education, finance, law, policy development, research, educational philosophy, human resources development, and organizational behavior.

Bachelor of Arts, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, April 1989

Areas of Study: English Teaching, Political Science Teaching, and Italian

Scholarships: Academic Scholarship, full-tuition. Italy Catania Leadership Scholarship

State of Utah Teaching Certificate, 1989

Qualified to teach English and political science in Utah’s secondary schools

Associate in Arts and Sciences, Ricks College [Now BYU-Idaho], Rexburg, Idaho, April 1986

Graduated with Honors, emphasis in secondary education


1994-present     Faculty  Department of Basic Composition/ESL, Utah Valley University

Awarded tenure (2001)

Advanced to rank of associate professor (2001)

2002-2009            Department Chair  Department of Basic Composition and English as a Second Language (ESL)

                                University College, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah

1993-1994            Administrative Principal Intern

Timpview High School, Provo School District, Provo, Utah

1992-1993            Chair Professional Development Committee

Bonneville Uniserv, Orem, Utah

1991-1993            Vice President  Provo Education Association (PEA)

(PEA, Affiliate, Utah Education Association, and National Education Association)

1989-1993            Faculty Department of English

Timpview High School (1990-1994). Farrer Middle School (1989-1990), Provo School District, Provo, Utah

Taught English (grades 7-12). Emphasis in grammar, composition, and literature

Curriculum Specialist (1992-1994)

Teacher Leader (1993-1994)

School Coordinator, Students-at-Risk. Designed curriculum for At-Risk Students Course (1992-1994)

1987-1992            Certified Trainer

Signetics, Inc., Orem, Utah

Trainer for integrated circuit manufacturing technology

Leader, Work Groups: interpersonal effectiveness and problem-solving

1986-1987            Instructor Italian language skills (speaking, comprehension, writing, grammar) to pre-service volunteers

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Missionary Training Center, Provo, Utah


2002-2009            Department Chair  Department of Basic Composition and English as a Second Language (ESL)

                                University College, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah

2007-2008            Fellow, Utah Valley Senior Executive Leadership Forum (UVSELF), Utah Valley University

                Mentor, Elizabeth Hitch, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs, Utah Valley University

UVSELF provided an intellectually stimulating career exploration and discovery experience for faculty and staff who had demonstrated exceptional promise in contributing to excellence at Utah Valley University. Forum participants, or fellows, engaged in wide-ranging discussions and learning activities related to critical issues and opportunities that emerged in leading and managing the higher education enterprise. The UVSELF program was 12 months in length and included a two-day retreat and six, full day seminars, as well as other experiences to complement the Forum. There were 12 other Fellows selected for my cohort through a competitive application process.  Participating as mentor-administrators were the president and vice presidents of UVSC/UVU: William Sederburg, Ph.D., President; Elizabeth Hitch, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs; Cory Duckworth, J.D., Vice President of Student Affairs; Val Hale, M.A., Vice President of University Relations; Linda Makin, M.P.A., Chief Officer, Planning/Budget/Policy, and Val Peterson, Ph.D., Vice President for Finance and Administration.


2010-Present     Member, University College Task Force on Assessment (Keith White, Chair)

2010-2011            Coordinator, Basic Composition Digital Literacy

                                Chair, Faculty-Lecturer (1 year) Search Committee (Ryan Furner, MBA, hired August 2011)

                                Chair, Faculty-Tenure Track Search Committee Tenure Track (Jacque Preston, Ph.D., hired April 2011)

2009-Present     Member, Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee.  Department of Basic Composition/ESL

2010-2011            Member, Task Force, University College Organizational Restructure

2009-2010            Member, Faculty-Tenure Track Search Committee (Joshua Hilst, Ph.D., hired April 2010)

2007-2008            Co-chair, Faculty Workload Implementation Task Force

2006-2007            Member, Faculty Workload Committee

2007-2009            Member, Strategic Directions Advisory Committee

2002-2009            Department Chair, Department of Basic Composition/ESL

Member, University College Steering Committee

Primary Author/Final Editor, department documents:

2007       Updated Strategic Plan. Department of Basic Composition/ESL

2006       Program Review. Department of Basic Composition. Submitted to UVSC Board of Trustees

2004       Faculty Handbook. Department of Basic Composition/ESL

2002       Strategic Plan. Department of Basic Composition/ESL

2003-2005            Member, Conference Planning Committee, 2005 National Association for Developmental Education

2004-2005            Member, Accreditation Self-Study Committee, National Association for Developmental Education Accreditation, Department of Basic Composition/ESL

2003-2004            Member, Search Committee, VP of Academic Affairs (Cory Duckworth, J.D.,  hired August 2003)

                                Member, Search Committee, Academic Scheduling Coordinator (Laura Busby hired July 2004)

                                Member, Campus Wide Task Force, Tuition Waivers and Scholarships

2001-2003            Member, Web Design Committee, School of General Academics

2002-2003            Rater, Department of Basic Composition, reading and rating timed essays

                                Member, Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) Faculty Rank Committee

                                Chair, LEC English Faculty-Tenure Track Search Committee (Richard Matzen, Ph.D., hired May 2003)

2001-2002            Member, ESL Faculty-Tenure Track Search Committee (Kevin Eyraud, M.A., hired August 2002)

1998-2001            Senator, Faculty Senate, LEC Department of English/ESL

                                Chair, Faculty Senate Faculty Development Committee

1999-2000            Member, Faculty Search Committee, LEC Math (Darren Wiberg, M.S.,  hired August 1999)

                                Member, Ad Hoc Task Force on Faculty Teaching, Roles, and Rewards, Office of VPAA

                                Member, LEC Committee on Rank Advancement (rewrote policy)

                                Member, Ad Hoc Task Force on Faculty Code of Professional Ethics revision, Office of VPAA

1997-1998            Member, LEC English Faculty Search Committee (Melinda Bender, M.A.I.S. Hired August 1998)

                                Chair, Search Committee, LEC Technology Coordinator

                                Chair, LEC Computer Planning Committee (forecasted LEC computer and related IT needs)

                                Member, LEC Space Utilization Committee

1996-1997            Chair, LEC Academic Quality and Rigor Committee (later renamed Outcomes Assessment Committee)

                                Member, UVSC Academic Quality and Rigor Committee, Office of VPAA

Member, Faculty-Tenure Track Search Committee, Department of College Success and Academic Literacy

                                Member, Search Committee, Faculty Support Specialist

                                Chair, LEC Registration Committee


2010-2012            Developed curriculum for Hybrid Initiative, ENGH 0990, Basic Writing II

2006-2009            Designed curriculum for online sections, ENGH 0890 Basic Writing I and ENGH 0990, Basic Writing II

2001-2002            Lead author, department-wide final exams, ENGH 0890 and 0990.

1997-2002            Member, ENGH 0990 Basic Writing II Curriculum Development Committee

1997-2000            Member, ENGH 0890 Basic Writing I Curriculum Committee

1998-1999            Developed 18 Department Exams used by all Basic Composition faculty in Department of Basic Composition/ESL

1996-1997            Lead Instructor, English 0990

1992-1994            Developed curriculum, At-Risk Students Course, Timpview High School, Provo, UT


2008                       Supervised accreditation process for the Basic Composition program, Department of Basic Composition/ESL, for the National Association of Developmental Education

2007                       Authored Basic Composition section, Department of Basic Composition/ESL, Program Review, for the UVSC Board of Trustees

2006                       Chair, Accreditation Subcommittee on Institutional Control 1.1, for UVSC’s NCAA Accreditation process

1994                       Member, Accreditation Team for Taylorsville High School, Utah State Office of  Education, SLC, UT


2004-2007            Outcomes Assessment Coordinator, Department of Basic Composition/ESL

Developed, with assistance, department student survey instrument (still in use as of fall 2011)

Conducted field test and refinement of survey instrument

Implemented, with assistance, department student portfolio evaluation system

Author, Department Outcomes Assessment report


Student Ratings of Instructor

1994-2010            Sixteen year average: 4.67 out of 5.00 (5= Superior, 1= Poor). Complete file of student evaluations

including student comments available upon request.

360B Leadership Evaluations (Conducted by Dean, School of General Academics, during my tenure as Department Chair)

2008                       Analyze 360 Instrument based on Academic Leadership Principles (results available upon request)

2005                       Leadership Intelligence 360 Feedback by DecisionWise (complete report included with application)


2002                       Teacher of the Year, School of General Academics, Utah Valley State College

                                Faculty Excellence Award, Utah Valley State College

Faculty Convocation Speech,  Selected to represent all 2002 Faculty Excellence Award Winners

(complete text of speech: http://www.uvu.edu/profpages/data/acrobats/10002041.pdf

2000                       Nominee, Teacher of the Year, LEC Department of English/ESL

1999                       Nominee, Teacher of the Year, LEC Department of English/ESL

1996                       Nominee, Teacher of the Year, LEC Department of English/ESL

1993                       Excellence in the Art and Science of Teaching Award, Timpview High School, Provo, Utah


2009       “The Appointment of Untenured Department Chairs: Battle Scars and Success Stories.”

The Chair Academy Conference, 2009 International Conference for Post-Secondary Leaders: Playing to your Strengths. Nashville, TN. March 2-5. Co-presented with Denise Richards, Faculty, Department of College Success Studies.

2007       “Creating Successful Web-Enhanced and Web-Based Courses: Lessons Learned.”

Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence Workshops, Utah Valley State College, March 13.

2003       “Politics, Prompts, and Pay: Supplementing or Replacing Reading and Editing Tests with a Timed Essay Test for the Purposes of Placing Basic Writers into Two Basic Writing Classes.”

National Conference of Teachers of English, San Francisco, CA, November 21.  Co-presented with Richard Matzen, Ph.D., and Deborah Marrott, M.A.

1999       “Computer-Mediated Writing Instruction

Two-Year College English Association Conference on October 14-16. Amherst, Massachusetts.

1999       “Learning to Use MicroGrade.”

Presented to UVSC faculty on August 29, and October 1. UVSC, Orem, UT.

1998       “Developmental Writing in the 21st Century: Evaluating a Computer-Mediated Composition Program.”

The College Reading and Learning Association Conference. Salt Lake City, UT. November 4.

1996       “Using a Multimedia Approach Illustrating Real-world Applications to Teach Affective Objectives.”

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. Snowbird Resort, Snowbird, UT.

October 17-20.



2006       Forrest Williams. “The Appointment of Untenured Department Chairs in Two- and Four-Year Colleges in a Western State: Problems and Potentials. Brigham Young University Press, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.


2001       Forrest Williams and Patti Constantakis, “Teaching Writing Courses Online: Issues and Challenges,”

Academic Systems Newsletter, November 2001.

2000       Forrest Williams. “Utah Valley State College Students Benefit from Learning-Centered Writing Instruction,”

Mediated Learning, Fall 2000. Sponsored by Interactive English.

Book Reviews:

2001       The Write Start, Book 2, Lawrence Checkett, Addison Wesley Longman: New York, NY

1995       The Confident Writer, Dolly Withrow, Mirror Press: Newton Centre, MA


2003-2006            “Laptop Proposal to Use General Academics Supply and Equipment Funds.”

                                “The Need for Administrative Assistants for General Academics’ Department Chairs.”

                                “Balancing Teaching Loads in General Academics.”

‘Share the Wealth’ for Summer Contracts in Basic Composition/ESL.” Richard Matzen, Co-Author.

Train Tutors, Provide Workshops and Increase Usage of the Writing Center.” Lisa E. Bell, Co-Author

All of the above submitted to Dean, and/or presented to Steering Committee

School of General Academics, UVSC, Orem, UT.

2004-2005            “ACT Plus Writing.” Co-authored with Jen Wahlquist, Chair, Department of English and Literature.

Presented to President’s Council, William H. Sederburg, Ph.D., President, UVSC, Orem, UT.

1999-2000            “Multimedia Classroom Proposal.” Co-authored with Loretta Palmer, Ph.D.

Presented to Dean, Learning Resource Center, UVSC, Orem, UT.


2011 August                       InstructureCon 2011 for Canvas, Snowbird, UT (National)

2011 March                         Utah ACT State Organization Annual Conference, Sandy, UT (Regional)

2010 March                         4th Annual Utah State Organization “Bridging the Readiness Gap,” UVU, Orem, UT (Regional)

2009 April                            Utah ACT State Organization Conference, Sandy, UT (Regional)

2007 October                     An Interfaith Conference on War and Peace: A Dialogue Between Christian, Islamic, and Latter-day Saint Perspectives, UVU, Orem, UT  (Local)

2007 March                         The Chair Academy’s 16th Annual International Conference: Navigating the Future through Authentic Leadership, Jacksonville, Florida

2007 February                   26th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition sponsored by the National Resource Center for The FYE and Students in Transition, Addison, TX (National)

2001 February                   4th Annual Conference on “What Is an Educated Person?” Salt Lake City, UT (Regional)

2001 February                   “Orthoparadoxa: Faith and Critical Pedagogy in a Religious Culture,” UVSC, Orem, UT (Local)

2001 March                         Forum on Children and Literature. UVSC, Orem, UT (Regional)

2001 October                     Ethics Awareness Week, Center for The Study of Ethics, UVSC, Orem, UT (Local)

2001 October                     American Studies Conference, UVSC, Orem, UT (Local)

2000 February                   AAHE Faculty Roles and Rewards Conference, New Orleans, LA (National)

2000 February                   Academic Freedom Symposium, UVSC, Orem, UT (Local)

2000 March                         Innovations 2000 League for Innovation in the Community College, Orlando, FL (National)

2000 March                         Study of Mormon Culture Conference, Center for the Study of Ethics, UVSC, Orem, UT (Local)

2000 November                “College Success and Freshman Students,” John Gardner, Ph.D. UVSC, Orem, UT (Local)

2000 November                Professional & Organization Development Network in Higher Ed. Vancouver, BC, Canada (Intl)

1999 September               Master Teacher Series: Parker Palmer, Ph.D., FCTE. UVSC, Orem, UT (Local)

1998 May                             National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, Austin, TX (National)

1998 April                            Conference on College Composition and Communication, Chicago, IL (National)

1997 January                      Portfolio Assessment, National Council of Teachers of English, New Orleans, LA (National)

1996 June                            Conference of Computers in Composition, Logan, Utah (National)

1995 November                National Council of Teachers of English, San Diego, CA (National)

1995 April                            College Reading and Learning Association, Tempe, AZ (Regional)

1994 November                Adventures in Writing: Enhancing Learning through Technology, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA (Teleconference)

1994 October                     Western Regional Conference of the Two-Year College English Association, UVSC, Orem, UT (Regional)


2010       Pearson Technology Focus Group, Pearson Education Corporate Office: New York

2009       Cengage, Close Review of Technology, Enhanced Insite, Online.

2001       Portland Community College, College Success Skills Department, for Academic Systems

2001       Pima Community College, English Department, for Academic Systems

2000       Presented research findings of teaching using Academic Systems’ Interactive English with Karen Greenberg of Hunter College, City University of New York (CUNY), New York

1999       Research partner with Smokey Wilson of Laney College in Oakland, CA to revise Interactive English curriculum for Academic Systems. 

1998       “Teaching Computer-Mediated Writing Courses: Issues and Challenges.” Workshop, requested by Dallas County Community College District  

1998       “UsingInteractive English” presented at Bossier Parish Community College, Shreveport, Louisiana

1997       Beta Testing “Interactive English” for Academic Systems at UVSC.


Digital Literacy

Computer-Mediated Writing

Training of Department Chairs

Higher Education Administration and Governance


American Association for Higher Education

National Council of Teachers of English

BYU Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, an honorary educator’s fraternity

Western Region Two-Year English Teachers Association

Professional and Organization Development Network in Higher Education

National Association of Developmental Education

Southwest Association for Developmental Education

Chair Academy, Worldwide Leadership Development for College and University Leaders


Proficient in the following software and systems:

Learning Managements Systems: Blackboard, WebCT, Canvas, Moodle, Google Docs, Google Groups

Document Design: Word Documents &Templates, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote, Publisher

Spreadsheet: Excel, Numbers

Video: iMovie, Movie Maker

Image Manipulation: Photoshop, Gimp

Web Design: iWeb, Wordpress, basic HTML

Social Networking: Facebook, LinkedIn, Academia.edu, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Delicious, Tumblr, Wikia, Splicd

Concept Mapping: Bubbl.us, Spicynotes, Word Autoshapes

Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry

Qualitative Data Analysis Software: NVivo

Statistics Software: SPSS, Maple, Minitab

Bibliographic Software: EndNote

Classroom Learning and Engagement Software: LearnSpace (formerly Pixelture)

Currently Learning/Exploring:

Document Design: InDesign, Prezi

Video: Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Xtranormal

Image Manipulation: Aviary

Web Design: Dreamweaver

Social Networking: Diaspora, MediaWiki

Concept Mapping: Omnigrade

Department Technology Trainer:

2010-Present     Trained three new faculty to teach Internet course curriculum I developed

1997-Present     Developed curriculum, trained faculty to use technology in computer classroom and classrooms.

1997-2011            Faculty Advisor, Department of Basic Composition/ESL, for the department Computer Classroom

2001                       WebCT Certification

Department Webpage:

2004-2007            Designed and updated department web page


EDLF[1] 668 Philosophy Foundations in Education. Brigham Young University (BYU) (Grade: A) Summer 1997. Major philosophies of education from idealism to postmodernism and their influence on educational theory and practice.

EDLF 659 Contemporary Issues in Education. BYU (Grade: A) Summer 1997. Developing problem-solving skills in understanding and resolving educational issues affecting schools.

STAT 552 Statistical Methods in Education. Department of Statistics, BYU (Grade: A) Sum 97. Measures of central tendency, variability. correlation. simple linear regression. introduction to hypothesis testing and estimation. Computer applications. For graduate majors in education and related fields.

EDLF 700 Leadership in Education. BYU (Grade: A-) Fall 1997. Conceptual and practical issues in formulating, implementing, and evaluating educational policy.

EDLF 775 Quantitative Reasoning. BYU (Grade: A-) Fall 1997. Exploration of the paradigms and approaches to quantitative reasoning in educational research.

SOCIOLOGY 604 Ethnographic Research Techniques. Department of Sociology, BYU (Grade: A) Winter 1998. Rationale, methods, and limitations of qualitative research. includes participant observation and hermeneutic skills.

EDLF 720 Educational Policy and Analysis. BYU (Grade: A-) Spring 1998. Conceptual and practical issues in formulating, implementing, and evaluating educational policy.

STAT 511 Statistical Methods Research. Department of Statistics, BYU BYU (Grade: B-) Summer 1998. Applications of analysis of variance and covariance, multiple regression, correlation, and nonparametric methods. Introduction to experimental design. For graduate majors in education and related fields.

EDLF 782 Constitutional Law and Education. BYU (Grade: A) Summer 1998. Impact of Constitution on education in America. cases under constitutional law that have influenced policy and practice in the educational system.

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 605 Human Resource Management.  Department of Organizational Behavior, BYU (Grade: A-) Fall 1998. Analysis of human resource functions, including HR planning, staffing, interviewing, selection, performance evaluation, training and development, compensation and benefits, labor relations, and labor laws.

SOCIOLOGY 608 Survey Research Methods. Department of Sociology, BYU (Grade: A) Fall 1998. Unidimensional and multidimensional measurement techniques, emphasizing theoretical, methodological, and substantive consequences of technique selection.

EDLF 622  The Law and Education. BYU (Grade: A) Winter 2000. Evolution of American law and its application to American educational systems. Fundamental sources and principles of the law, the judicial structure, and key court cases affecting education in state and federal questions.

EDLF 795 Research Reporting Techniques. BYU (Grade: A) Summer 2000. Research designs for planning and conducting research for doctoral dissertation using survey, inferential, and experimental methods.

EDLF 799R Dissertation. BYU (Grade: Pass) Fall 2000-2004 22 credits. Research designs for planning and conducting research for doctoral dissertation using survey, inferential, and experimental methods.

EDLF 678 Qualitative Data Analysis. (Grade: B+) Spring 2005 3 credits. Integration of qualitative research design and analysis with the use of social science qualitative software (NVIVO).


Fluent Italian speaker for 28 years with daily conversation in Italian.

Minor Degree, Italian, Department of French and Italian at Brigham Young University (1989)

                Coursework completed:

ITAL 101, 102, 201, 211, 311 (Conversation, Grammar)

ITAL 301 Literature

ITAL 446 Civilization, 1600-Present (Era)

                ITAL 321 3rd Year Grammar

ITAL 326 Phonetics & Pronunciation

ITAL 322 Composition

ITAL 443 Romantic Period Literature.

Some Spanish comprehension


The following sketch is included in the introductory materials for my online students:

 “I am an associate professor in the Basic Composition Department in University College here at Utah Valley University in Orem, UT. Growing up in Wyoming as the second of eleven children, I spent time training horses and guiding fisherman in the beautiful Wind River Mountains before I discovered my appreciation of good writing. I received my B.A. Degree in English and Masters of Education Degree from Brigham Young University. I also fairly recently finished my doctorate degree, so I haven't forgotten what it is like to be a student. I have a minor in Italian and know the difficulties of learning another language as an adult. If you walk into my office, you may hear me speaking Italian to my wife or to one of my two children, Alex and Ashley. We make our home in Cedar Hill, Utah.  I have been a pioneer in the development and design of basic writing courses that are enhanced through the thoughtful use of technology. I have years of practical experience gained from using various forms of technology to improve the students' opportunity for learning. Please let me know if you have any problems while you take this course. I am just an email or phone call away.”


Deborah Marrott, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Chair, Department of Basic Composition & English as a Second Language

Utah Valley University

E-mail: marrotde@uvu.edu

Phone: (801) 404-0546

Note: Professor Marrott is my current supervisor and has been a colleague of mine at UVU for over 17 years.

K.D. Taylor, M.A.

Interim Dean

University College, Utah Valley University


Phone: (801) 360-1602

Note: Dean Taylor is a colleague of mine and was a fellow teacher when I began my teaching career in Provo School District in 1989.  She is now Dean of University College and as such is the line supervisor for my academic unit.

Scott Ellis Ferrin, J.D., Ed.D

Professor, Educational Leadership and Foundations, Adjunct Professor of Law

Brigham Young University


Phone: (801) 422-4804

Note: Professor Ferrin was the chair of my doctoral and dissertation committee.  My professional association with him began when I took graduate courses from him in Educational Law starting in 1992.

Cameron Martin, Ph.D.

Associate Commissioner for Economic Development and Planning

Utah System of Higher Education


Phone: (801) 319-2524

Note: Commissioner Martin and I were in the same BYU graduate program from which we earned our doctorate degrees in Educational Leadership. We also worked together on committees and task forces at Utah Valley University.

Randy Merrill, Ph. D.


Provo School District


Phone: (801) 374-4800

Note: Superintendent Merrill, then Principal of Timpview High School, Provo, Utah, hired me as an English teacher where I started a program for At-Risk Students. I also completed an administrative internship at Timpview High School when Dr. Merrill was principal. 

[1] Educational Leadership and Foundations