Williamson, Lisa
Counselor - Academic Standards
LC 404a
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M.Ed.- Education, Adult Learning emphasis, Westminster College

B.A.  - English, Utah Valley University

"Give a student a tutor and his homework is done for a day. Coach students to manage their work and themselves, and they will be effective for a lifetime." 

As an academic support coach, I help students understand their unique learning preferences, identify their strengths, challenge old belief systems, tweak less-than-helpful habits, and explore options and resources for overcoming obstacles. Academic coaching is about teaching students skills and strategies that apply to all of their classes. When a student leaves my office, my goal is for that student to feel inspired, motivated, and ready to succeed!

StrengthsQuest Signature Themes:
Input l Learner l Maximizer l Intellection l Ideation

MBTI type code: ENFP