Wisland, Mike
Associate Professor - Digital Media
CS 623
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Bachelor of Science -- University of Missouri at Rolla

Major in Electrical Engineering, Minor in Physics (Acoustics and Optics), and Minor in Music.  Graduated Magna Cum Lardhead, December, 1985.

Master of Science -- University of Missouri at Rolla

Electrical Engineering, Emphasis in Image and Digital Signal Processing.

Work Experience

1991 - 1995     Senior Engineer/Scientist; Tracor GIE, Provo, Utah; subsidiary of Tracor Aerospace, Inc., Austin, Texas. In charge of international field operations and all engineering design and fabrication.  Field operations involved gathering site survey, meteorological and spectroradiometric data for use in government overflight multi-spectral data acquisitions supporting the Open Skies Treaty in Germany, Greece, the Russian Federation, and across the Continental US.  Other projects:

     C Design, fabrication and characterization of solar panels for satellite testingprogram.

     Design and fabrication of wide-band (2-10 GHz) spiral antennas for satellite testing program.

     C   Applied research in holographic wavefront correction.

     Audio signal restoration, phased-array microphone array design, and real-time image enhancement.


1988 - 1991    McDonnell Douglas Corp. - St. Louis, MO

            Engineer in Flight Simulation Department, Conducting research on algorithms for improving visual and artificial radar generation for flight simulators.  Also conducted research in human factors involving vision system modeling.


1987 - 1988    University of Missouri at Rolla

            Instructor in Electrical Engineering, Digital Logic Design and Communications Circuit Design.



Papers & Publications

            Characterization of a Foreign Solar Cell (co-author), GIE-TN-91-011, June 1991.

            Models For the Human Vision System:  Latency vs Intensity  - June 1990

            Polygon Simplification Algorithms -  November 1989

            Application of Fractals to Visual Databases - December 1988

            Composition of Music Using Artificial Intelligence - Published November, 1988 - HKN Bridge magazine