Connelly, David Robert
Associate Vice President - Academic Programs
BA 216a
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                        Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration Nelson A. Rockefeller College oPublic Affairs and Policy, SUNY Albany Albany, NY 2005


                        Master of Public Administration  Romney Institute of Public Management Marriott

                                 School of Management, Brigham Young University Provo, UT 1995


                        Bachelor of Arts  Brigham Young University  April 1993

                                    Major: History                          Minor: Sociology



Interorganizational Relations                                        Sustainability

Organizational Culture                                                  Privatization

Leadership                                                                   Public Management

Nonprofit Management                                                 Contracting

Organizational Behavior and Theory                              Collaboration

Information technology management and policy              Public Budgeting Systems

Qualitative and quantitative research methods                 Paradox

Economic and Community Development



Associate Professor, Utah Valley University

            August 2008- Present


Associate Professor, Western Illinois University

                                    August 2006- 2008

·        Joint affiliation with the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs and The Western Survey Research Center

·        Asst. Director of The Western Survey Research Center and Board Chair

·        Founding Board Member WIU Environmental Studies Program and Center


Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University

                                    August 2000- 2006

·        WIU Research Faculty

·        Joint appointment with Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs- Coordinate public management initiatives and research associate on rural technology program

·        College Liaison- Peace Corps Fellows Program

·        Founding faculty associate in the Western Illinois Survey Research Center


Research Assistant, The Center for Technology in Government, SUNY Albany

                                    May 1996- August 2000

·        Process evaluation and re-design

·        Group facilitation and consensus building

·        Extensive writing for practitioner and academic audiences


Rands, Gordon, Ribbens, Barbara, and Connelly, David. (2008) “The Sustainability

Coordinator: A Structural Innovation for Managing Sustainability” in Innovative Approaches to Global Sustainability editor James Stoner, Macmillan Publishing Solutions


Connelly, David R., Zhang, Jing, and Faerman, Sue. (2008) “The Paradoxical Nature of

Collaboration” in Big Ideas in Collaborative Public Management edited by Rosemary O’Leary and Lisa Blomgren Bingham, M.E. Sharpe, Inc., N.Y.


Connelly, David R. (2007) “Leadership in the Collaborative Interorganizational Domain”

International Journal of Public Administration, vol. 30, pp. 1231-62


                        Gruidl, John, Merrett, Chris, and Connelly, David. (2007) “You Can’t Get There from

Here: Issues in Rural Passenger Transportation Policy” in Handbook of Transportation Policy and Administration edited by Jeremy F. Plant. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group                                              


                        Connelly, David R.  “Executive Branch Organizations,” International City/County         

                                    Management Association (ICMA),” and “Public Administration” in Ellis Katz,

                                    Joseph Marbach, and Troy Smith (eds). The Encyclopedia of Federalism (2

                                    vols.) Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2005


                        Book Review: The Failure of Rural National Policy: Institutions and Interests by

                                    William P. Browne for The Journal of Politics, Vol. 66, No. 1, February   



Fukami, Cynthia, assembler (2002) “9/11 Montage: Professors Remember” Academy   

            of Management Learning and Education. vol. 1, no. 1. pp. 14-37.



RECENT Conference PAPERS/Presentations

Public Mnagagement Research Conference, Syracuse University, 2011- Preseneted research findings on service contracting and served as a session chair


Public Management Research Conference, Ohio State, 2009- Session Chair and Discussant


Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), April 2007, Chicago, IL. Success

Factors in Intergovernmental Information Technology Projects. Co-author, Canestraro, D.


2006 Collaborative Public Management Conference, (invited participation) The Maxwell

School of Syracuse University, Collaborative Governance Initiative, September 28-30, 2006. Paradox in Collaborative Relationships: Calls for Paradoxical Behaviors in Leaders. Co-authors, Zhang, J. & Faerman, S.


Academy of Management (AoM), August 2006, Atlanta, GA. Interorganizational

 Conflict: Still Emerging After All These Years.


Community Development Society (CDS), June 2006, St. Louis, MO.  Can You Hear

               me Know? Rural Residents Speak Out about Community Issues in Illinois,

               Technology and demographics section.


Southern Political Science Association (SPSA), January 2006, Atlanta, GA. The Issue-

Attention Cycle and Executive Opportunity: An Integrated Approach to the War on Terror, Co-author Wrobel, S.


Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM), November

            2005,  Washington D.C., Organizations on the Edge: Introducing a General

            Analytic Construct and Empirical Tool for Measuring Hierarchy and

            Organizational Fitness, Co-author Taylor, R.


Illinois Political Science Association (IPSA) November 2005, Elmhurst College,

IL. Western Survey Research Center Meets the Illinois Rural Life Poll. Co-author Helm C.


                        Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) April 2005, Chicago, IL. GO as

                                    a Metaphor of Organizational Complexity. Co-author Taylor, R.


The American Political Science Association (APSA), August 2003, Philadelphia, PA.

Civil Service Reform in a “Market-Based” World


The American Political Science Association (APSA), August 2002, Boston, MA.

Revisiting the Issue Attention Cycle: New Perspectives and Prospects


American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), March 2002, Phoenix, AZ.

            Service and Trust in an e-world


The Academy of Management, August 2001, Washington D.C., Safer Streets:

            Criminal Justice Collaboration in Terms of Information Sharing




Co-founded the Western Illinois Survey Research Center (WISRC)- Center was designed to assist communities and state agencies conduct survey work otherwise beyond their financial reach and act as a pedagogy lab for survey related academic work

Illinois Department of Natural Resources- Various survey activities

VISTA Administrative Grants- sponsored VISTA's in Illinois communities concerning

IT issues in rural communities- several years also a series of AmeriCorps grants at the same time on similar issues

Digital Opportunities Coalition Network (DOC)- funding based on the Ameritech

settlement, established a virtual community technology center (CTC) resource

USDA Technology Grants designed to implement a rural initiative to help various

communities explore options for increased connectivity- work completed in Monmouth, Pittsfield, and Canton, Ill.- hosted two conferences for local officials

concerning the program

Technology Development and Enhancement in Rural Illinois- funding thru the

Department of Commerce and Economic Development (DCEO)


Funded Research to date- over $1.5 million as principal or co-principal investigator