Brown, Kim P
Digital Media Department Chair
CS 526J
Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

Kim is an Associate Professor in Digital Media at Utah Valley University. She has been an educator for  over 30 years at two major universities in Utah. Kim teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced courses in all of these Adobe products --Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Affects, Audition, Premier Pro, HTML hand coding, and core concepts for digital media.  She has helped increase the enrollment for Digital Media because of her excitement and passion for the careers in digital media.  

Her expertise and experience show in her own college classrooms. She is always professional, positive and prepared for students in her classes. The students love her courses and her teaching style. She is actively engaged in what is happening in industry and bringing it in the classroom.

She creates individual learning as well as group learning to help bridge the gap of novice and experienced users in digital media core concepts as well as software integration. Her enrollment in her courses are usually 30-40 students in each course with 10-20 on the waiting lists.

Her teaching philosophy is simple: everyone in her courses can learn, grow and develop necessary skills in digital media to make a difference in their personal lives as well as their professional careers. She knows how important the serious rigor and development of core concepts and creative abilities matter to development of student’s education and learning.

For the past decade, she acts as the Liaison for Digital Media Essentials for Concurrent Enrollment. She plays a vital role in the Digital Media department teaching DGM 1110 as well as Advanced Photoshop. She is a strong promoter and recruiter for concurrent enrollment for Digital Media. She is the Chairperson for the annual Multimedia Festival at Utah Valley University. She is a national presenter in NACEP. She also presents locally to ACTE, SheTech, and Expanding Your Horizons to promote higher education for high school students, teenage girls and career women. She continues to pursue and train high school concurrent enrollment instructors to add to Utah Valley University's 25 CE adjunct faculty. She has been honored as the recipient winner for CTE Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year for the IT Division and won the Utah Association for Career and Technical Education Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year. Her own DGM colleagues nominated her for the Faculty Excellence award for the second time because of her outstanding service to the department, college and university.

Kim received her M.Ed degree in Instructional Technology from Utah State University 2005. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education/Administrative Systems with a minor in Business Administration from Utah State University.