Burgess, Dawn
Manager - Campus Connection/UVU Post Office
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Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

Manager of Campus Connection/Post Office 

I have had a unique operation in that I manage not only the UVU CPU (Post Office), but also Campus Connection which encompasses ID cards, bus passes, lost & found, the Blackboard Transaction System (otherwise knows as GreenBucks), Smith’s Tix Outlet substation, faxing,and general campus information. I believe whole-heartedly that life is about learning—the more you learn, the better off your staff and customers are! Twelve years ago, I was able to add the CPU to Campus Connection Services. I developed most of the financial reports for the CPU and Campus Connection, streamlining procedures and processes in both areas. I'm responsible for all marketing, reporting, and daily operations. I have been a member of ARMCUMS for the past nine years and am currently the Secretary. I'm also a current member of the Utah PCC, (which was just recognized as the 2013 National PCC of the Year), the ARMCUMS Representative on the NACUMS Board of Directors, and a UVU Student Life Senator for the Student Life Branch. I'm working toward an Information Business Management Degree, with emphasis in accounting, marketing, technology management, and international business. 
I've also been recognized for my contributions and service to the university and local community, receiving the Sorensen Center Student Center Service Legacy Award and the Freedom Festival Volunteer of the Year Award. I'm serving/served on the UV OneCard/UV PlusCard Committee, the Chair of the Baby Contest Registration Committee, OneStop Committee, and a Provo First Night Volunteer Assistant Coordinator.