Ferguson, Daniel
Adjunct Instructor
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Last Updated: 10/24/18 -

Daniel Ferguson is an ethnomusicologist and adjunct Assistant Professor in the Music Department at Hunter College, City University of New York. Prior to teaching at Hunter College Professor Ferguson was an assistant professor of music at Columbia University. Earlier in his career he taught at UCLA, UC Davis, and San Francisco State University. Dr. Ferguson has also been a frequent faculty member (Fall 2010, Summer 2012, Spring 2013) with the study abroad program "Semester at Sea," administered by the University of Virginia. He is currently an adjunct instructor in the Music Department at Utah Valley University teaching primarily online courses. 

Dr. Ferguson received an M.A. from UCLA and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, both in ethnomusicology, and was a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley. 

His areas of specialization include:

  •         Music, Culture, and Ideology in China
  •         Music, Ethnicity, and Identity
  •         Music, Acoustic Ecology, and Soundscape Studies
  •         Music and Sustainability
  •         Music, Theater, and Narrative in East and Southeast Asia
  •         Music in Scottish North America
  •         Popular Musics of the Americas (Rock, Brazil, the Caribbean)

Professor Ferguson has conducted fieldwork in China (Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) and among the Chinese diasporic communities of New York City and San Francisco. His Ph.D. dissertation was a detailed ethnography of Cantonese Opera in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. He has also researched music in the context of Scottish-American cultural events throughout the eastern U.S.

Dr. Ferguson's research has been funded by the Fulbright-Hays Foundation, the Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China, and the Columbia University Council on Research and Faculty Development in the Humanities and Social Sciences. His publications have appeared in Yearbook for Traditional Music, The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Asian Music, and CHIME.

Daniel hails from New York City but has resided in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Colombia for over eight years and is fluent in Cantonese Chinese and Mandarin Chinese.

He has studied the Chinese pipa, qin, zheng, sanxian, and di; Turkish tanbur; Indian sitar; Zimbabwean mbira; Irish sean-nos singing; Irish tenor banjo; Scottish highland bagpipes; and Javanese gamelan. He is also a very active professional performing and touring guitarist.