Bybee, Dr. Paul J.
Professor - Biology
SB 242u
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Professor, Biology, Paleobiology, Vertebrate Zoology and Evolutionary Biology. Department of Biology.

Dr. Bybee has expertise in vertebrate paleobiology, biology, and evolutionary biology and often collaborates with top scientists on dinosaur research. Dr. Bybee's classes receive the latest cuting-edge information in the exciting field of paleobiology. 


Ph.D. in Zoology with specializations in Vertebrate Paleobiology and Evolutionary Biology from Brigham Young University, emphases in statistics and mathematics.

Dissertation Title: Histological Bone Structure Differences in Various Elements from the late Jurassic Dinosaur, Allosaurus Fragilis, of central Utah.
M.S. in Ecology from Brigham Young University

Thesis Title: Elevational Changes in the Riparian Vegetation along Three Streams in North-Central Utah.
B.S. in Zoology, Minors in Geology, Botany, and Chemistry from Weber State University

A.S. in General Science from Weber State University


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Microsaur (Amphibia). Journal of Paleontolgy, 65(2), pp. 314-322.
Smith, D.K., Dean Richmond, and Paul J. Bybee., 1998, Morphological
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Utah, UGS.
Bybee, P., 1994, The Oldest Microsaur from the Western United States:
Oral presentation to The Western Association of Vertebrate
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Bybee, P., 1997, Preliminary Results of a Paleontological Assesment of
Black Mesa, Arizona: Poster presentation to The Society of Vertebrate
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Bybee, P., 1997, Ontogentic Changes in Bone Histology in the late Jurassic
Dinosaur, Allosaurus fragilis: Oral presentation to The Southwest
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Bybee, P., 1999, A Large Unusual Allosaurid Skull from Eastern Utah: Poster
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Bybee, P., 2000, An Updated Analysis of Cranial Kinetics in Allosaurus
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Paleontology, Mexico City meeting.
Bybee, P., etal., 2005, Sizing Up the Jurassic Predator, Allosaurus:  Assesing Growth Strategy and Inter-limb Allometry.  Journal of Morphology.



2014- Deans Award for outstanding teaching
2010 - Distinguished Acievement in the Earth Sciences-American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
2004-2005 - Ninth Edition - Who'w Who Among America's Teachers.

2003-2004 - Eighth Edition - Who's Who Among America's Teachers.
2002-2003 - Outstanding Educator of the Year, UVSC Alumni Award. 
2002-2003 - TRIO Outstanding Instructor Award, UVSC.
2002, Seventh Edition - Who's Who Among America's Teachers.
2001-2002 - Distinguished Faculty Award, UVSC School of Science and Health.
1999-2000 - Teacher of the Year, UVSC School of Science and Health.
1998-1999 - Award of Excellence, Faculty Award for Significant Scholarship
                     and Outstanding Contributions to the Department of Physical Science.
1996, Fourth Edition - Who's Who Among America's Teachers.
1993-1994 - Appreciation for Outstanding Services, Associated Students of UVSC.




Memberships in Professional Societies:

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology(1991-present)
Utah Professional Paleontological Council (1999-present)
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (1987)
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society (1989)
Sigma Gamma Epsilon (1989)

Professional Interests:

Dr. Bybee's interests are basically Dinosaurian in nature. The aspects of
how evolution has shaped the life on earth is of prime importance to Dr.
Bybee's research. Dr. Bybee works with some of the best scientists in the
field of dinosaur paleontology. Many of the projects include: work on
dinosaur bone histology and evolution in conjuction with Dr. John Horner
, who is the main advisor to the "Jurassic Park" movies. Dr. Bybee is also
a consultant to the BBC's "Walking with Dinosaurs" and has appeared in
some of the episodes.

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