Sharp, Ann C
Associate Professor - Curriculum and Inst/Literacy
ME 112
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Dr. Sharp's Vitae
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Dr. Ann C. Sharp is an associate professor in the Elementary Education Department in the School of Education at Utah Valley University.  She teaches courses in literacy methods and mentors teacher candidates through the educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA). As an expert in reading instruction she has reviewed early reading programs, been a guest speaker at homeschool conventions, sat on the advisory board of a charter school, and was a content expert for an early childhood reading program. She has been at UVU for nine years working with teacher candidates providing them with access to cutting edge research in reading instruction. Before that she was an instructional researcher at Brigham Young University doing work under Dr. Barbara Culatta for the Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy (SEEL) project.


Dr. Sharp has also been a director of her own tutoring center and was the cofounder of RISE Institute for Reading, a not for prophet organization dedicated to helping struggling readers overcome their challenges and helping parents find hope in their child’s unconventional road to success. She is an advocate for research-based methodology where effective strategies are uncovered, highlighted, and proven effective. She has also chaired several master students through their master thesis project and supported them as they have presented their work at regional conferences. She is currently co-authoring a future publication with one of her master’s students on the topic of the effects of reading motivation principles in a fourth grade classroom.


Ann serves as director for Read-a-Difference (RaD), a team of educators and researchers dedicated to helping teachers breathe life back into their reading curriculum through the use of reading motivational principles. Read-a-Difference awards grants that benefit elementary classroom teachers in at least three important ways. First, RaD provides money for the purchase of new books inside the classroom and into the homes of the students. Second, it gives training in reading motivation principles that help foster the value and love for reading in students; and third, RaD supports an end-of-the-year reading event as a reward to students for their accomplishments of classroom reading goals. Read-a-Difference is an outreach program that supports elementary classroom teachers’ desire to not only teach children how to read effectively, but also helps them provide a reading environment that allows students to thrive as readers. Read-a-Difference is a branch of the Engaged Reading Forum that sponsors the School of Education’s yearly For the Love of Reading Conference.


Dr. Sharp has received a number of awards including: 2015 UVU Outstanding Educator Award; 2014 UVU Faculty in Excellence Award; 2012 UVU McKay Education Graduate Mentor Award; 2006 UNLV Educational Psychology Department’s Dissertation of the Year Award; and 2006 UNLV Graduate & Professional Student Research Forum, 1st place winner of the Humanities Poster Session entitled The Development of Children’s Orthographic Knowledge.                                                                                            

Ann received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in 2006 from University Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV). She has published several research articles on various aspects of teaching literacy and coauthored two book chapters. She is the mother of eight wonderful children and the proud grandmother of 20.