Shupe, Shelley Selytina
Adjunct Instructor
LA 121
Last Updated: 6/24/18 -

Shelley (Selytina) Shupe has been teaching Humanities at UVU since 2010.  She has worked for Alpine School District for 24 years teaching American Literature, Journalism and Art History.  She has four degrees from BYU: a BA in English and Pol Sci, a M.Ed. in Comparative and International Education with an emphasis in Asian Studies, a year of graduate work in Linguistics earning a TESL certification, and a second Bachelors in Art History. She recently returned from a summer session at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens where she received the Katherine Keene Scholarship.  There she studied art, architecture, and archaeology.  She was selected in 2011 to be one of 20 teachers from the Western US to attend a conference sponsored by the Holocaust Museum in DC and is hoping to become a Teaching Fellow for the museum. In 2013 she was able to receive an NEH Grant to study skyscrapers in Chicago. In 2015 she received a scholarship to study Art History at John Cabot University in Rome. She is the mother of five sons-- all of whom have graduated from or currently attend UVU.  She and her sons enjoy running (three were members of the Cross-Country team and Track team at UVU).  And just for fun, she was recently invited to attend an educator's workshop at Camp Pendelton in San Diego, Ca to experience the process of becoming a US Marine.  She is into cycling, skiing, horseback riding and other outdoor activities.  She finished her first triathlon in 2009.