Department Vision

Students in the Department of Community Health may receive an Associate in Science or Arts with an emphasis in Community Health; an Integrated Studies Bachelors of Science or Arts with a Community Health Emphasis; a Bachelor of Science in Community Health in one of the following areas: Community Health Emphasis, School Health Education Emphasis, Health Services Administration; or a Health Minor with an emphasis in Community Health Education or School Health Education.

The Community Health program at UVU provides support courses for General Education, the Elementary Education program, and the Integrated Studies program. The department is committed to provide course work that will enable students to complete an Associate in Science or Associate in Arts Degree with a pre-major in Community Health, and that can be transferred to other institutions.

Courses in the Community Health area of study lead to possible careers in community health education and promotion, school health, health care management, and other community health and human service administration.


The mission of the Department of Community Health is to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Academic study and course work is designed to guide students toward the intelligent self direction of their health behavior. The department is committed to the development of academic programs that will assist students in the achievement of their professional goals, within the health care field. The faculty is dedicated to superior teaching, professional development (scholarship), and service.